Books with the Boy: The Greatest Showman Book Tag

Hello everyone. Today I am doing The Greatest Showman Book Tag but I am a bit confused because The Greatest Showman is not a book and none of the answers are about the film. This is a bit weird. Mummy says I have to tell you that she pinched this from her friend's blog: The... Continue Reading →


Six for Sunday: Characters You’d Love to See Together

Oh hey Steph. Thanks for another impossible prompt! Loving it pal. I've decided to make it harder for myself by choosing pairings of characters from books by the same author. 1. Twylla from The Sin Eater's Daughter and Sorrow from State of Sorrow. Two amazing girls making a positive impact on the world around them... Continue Reading →

Mini Reviews: More Middle Grade

I've read so many great Middle Grade books that I had to do another set of Mini Reviews, this time featuring five recent reads!   Letters from the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll Olive's father has been killed in the war. When her sister, Sukie, goes missing during an air raid and is presumed dead, her... Continue Reading →

Mini Reviews: Contemporary

Contemporary is one of my favourite genres, so it stands to reason that there will be a fair few contemporary editions of Mini Reviews. Here are some great ones I've read recently. Dear Martin by Nic Stone Dear Martin tells the story of Justyce, taken in by the police when he was trying to help... Continue Reading →

I Spy Book Challenge

Hi Everyone! I'm here today with the I Spy Book Challenge tag that my lovely friend Kelly of Kelly's Rambles tagged me to do. She tagged me an absolute age ago, and I am only just getting around to it because I am useless. The rules are to find a book that contains (either on the... Continue Reading →

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