Book Review: Skylarks by Karen Gregory

Skylarks starts off with a scene where Joni’s family are out for a special celebratory dinner. It’s clear from the start that this is something they don’t often do: Joni’s family are poor and this is a big treat for them. We also get to see how Joni feels about the way her family are... Continue Reading →


Book Review: Gangster School by Kate Wiseman

I don't usually read a lot of Middle Grade books, unless I'm reading with my son, but this month I've read a fair few just for my own enjoyment. Gangster School by Kate Wiseman was one of these books. Gangster School is a fun read about a school that is the complete opposite of actual... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Genesis by Brendan Reichs

Genesis dives straight back in where Nemesis left off. Nemesis was one of my favourite reads last year, so I have been eagerly anticipating this sequel for some time. If you haven’t read Nemesis yet, then check out my review and consider reading that before you read this review. In this sequel Min is more... Continue Reading →

Coffee and… My May Bullet Journal

Hello again! I'm back with another BuJo post. Join me in a coffee whilst I show off May's spreads? I'm really pleased with my pages this month. The Coffee: This week, I'm drinking the rare and utterly divine Finca Hartmann from Panama. This one is roasted by Clifton Coffee. The Journal: First up, I have... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Clean by Juno Dawson

This book comes with all of the trigger warnings. There are so many possible triggers that I can’t list them all here, but Clean deals with many kinds of addiction and rehab, and you should think carefully about reading it if you think the content is likely to be triggering. If you want to ask about a... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Spark by Alice Broadway

Spark, the highly anticipated sequel to Ink, is a beautiful, thought-provoking story about stories, beliefs, and different perspectives. I absolutely adored it and I hardly know where to start reviewing. I wasn’t blogging when Alice’s first book Ink came out. I saw a lot about it on Twitter, I bought it, and for the first... Continue Reading →

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