Six for Sunday: Yellow books (that are still on my TBR)

Another Sunday, and another fun prompt from the Sunday Queen, Steph of A Little But A Lot fame. In classic Charlotte style, I have decided to make an already tricky prompt even trickier by only choosing books from Mount Ted my TBR. 1. The Day I Was Erased by Lisa Thompson. I am sure if... Continue Reading →


YALC Sampler Reviews (part 2)

I started reviewing my YALC samplers earlier this week, but there were too many for one post. So here are the rest. And I promise that after this, I will stop posting about YALC. The Gilded Ones by Namina Forna In the ancient West African-inspired world of Otera, a woman’s worth is tied to her... Continue Reading →

YALC Book Haul

You knew this was coming, right? I couldn't go to YALC without bringing home some new books. Join me in a coffee whilst I show off what I got at YALC 2019? The Coffee: This week, I'm drinking another Steampunk coffee: the Rwandan Buf Remera with tasting notes of wild honey, clementine and cranberry which makes... Continue Reading →

YALC Sampler Reviews (part 1)

I finally got around to reading the selection of samplers I picked up whilst I was YALC: there are some exciting books coming up in the next year. I'm going to be sharing my thoughts on them in two posts (the second coming this Friday). Hold Back the Tide by Melinda Salisbury Everyone knows what... Continue Reading →

Series Crackdown Wrap Up

One day I'll get back on track with my usual posting schedule. Today is not that day. Today I'm wrapping up my reading for the Series Crackdown Readathon hosted by the lovely @TheBookMoo. Series Crackdown is always one of my favourite readathons to join in because it's so chilled (in the past they've even let... Continue Reading →

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