Moments of Happiness…

This week, the lovely Grace Latter of Almost Amazing Grace wrote about her happy things this week and challenged others to do the same.

Appreciating the little things that make us happy, as well as the big things, is so important. So, here are mine for the last week:

happy things

Referral to Surgery

I have a misbehaving gallbladder. He’s been building stones for two years now; I like to think he’s been listening to my friends and I talking about building out own Skyfall for when the apocalypse comes and stockpiling the stones for us. He has to come out. I’ve been in constant pain since early May now and this week finally got the referral to surgery and a date for my first appointment with the surgeon. 

Good Books

This week, I’ve finished Sofia Khan is Not Obliged, The Kite Runner and The Marriage Pact. All brilliant reads. I’ve been approved for some brilliant sounding ARCs too, so this has been a great bookish  week. 

The Beach

Spent a lovely sunny day at the beach with my little family. We had a picnic, paddles in the sea and I enjoyed laying in the sunshine watching the boys play cricket.



On Saturday I went to Cumbria Woolfest with Grandma. It was my first time and I spent far too much, but everything was fabulous. I love wool almost as much as I love books. And to top the day off, Grandma made me a GF tea bread so I wasn’t left out of afternoonsies.


I have the best friends. They are wonderful people. One of them made me this fabulous crown that I wear far more than I should own up to. This week, we had an hour long message conversation only in Shakespeare quotes. I love having people in my life who are my kind of weird and bookish and who are always there for me.

Having finished my own happy list, I asked my 5 year old what his would be. I’ll leave you with these gems:

  • Playing Moana and being a demi-god.
  • Having fruit for pudding.
  • Eating a strawberry.
  • Not telling lies.
  • Saying “boo” to daddy when he wouldn’t let me go out for tea.

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