Blog Tour: Stewart Ross “The Salvation Project”

If everything you’d ever known was taken from you, how far would you go to get it back?


The Salvation Project is the third book in Stewart Ross’s Soterion Trilogy. Summarised in his own words:

Cyrus, his young copemate Miouda, and his young friend Sammy have managed to escape from the burning ruins of Alba. They have rescued a laptop containing the entire contents of the Soterion, including the Salvation Project. On this frail and ancient machine hangs the last and only hope of restoring the civilisation of the Long Dead.

But the laptop’s batteries are flat, there is no electricity to power it, and it is only a matter of time before Xsani and the thwarted Zeds set off in pursuit…”


This series has a powerful and fascinating premise: what happens to knowledge and civilisation when the adults are wiped out and everyone dies in their 19th year?

The Salvation Project follows the Mission as they try to restore the last piece of knowledge to a dying world, pursued by those who wish to destroy it. Can they succeed?

During their journey, we get glimpses of the devastating effects of the epidemic that wiped out the adults: haunting descriptions of piles of skeletons and the poignant scene of a couple who died at their dinner table. But the author does not dwell on these too often or too long, and so the novel retains the sense of a thrilling race against time, keeping the reader guessing until the final chapter.

Ross addresses some interesting questions in this last book. Can a person change who they are? What does it mean to belong to a group? Does the past necessarily hold the key to future success?

I did have some questions of the series as I read: how was so much knowledge lost so quickly and not passed down through generations? What caused the split of people into Constants and Zeds and why is there so much animosity between the groups? Why don’t we know more about the epidemic and how the Long Dead met their end? But when I read the final chapter (and what a final chapter!) these questions became unimportant and I understood why the author had not addressed them. It was not at all what I expected, but it was a very clever and thought-provoking ending.

I enjoyed this trilogy, and especially this third book, and I think lovers of YA dystopia would enjoy it.

In a recent interview with Faye Rogers Stewart Ross indicated that he might be interested in writing another book if there was enough interest for it. Let’s just say I’m invested enough in some of the characters to want to know what happens next, so if you could all help a reader out by getting your hands on The Salvation Project, that would be grand!

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About the Author

Stewart Ross taught at a variety of institutions in Sri Lanka, the Middle East, the USA, and Britain before becoming a full-time writer in 1989. He has published over 300 titles, including prize-winning books for younger readers, novels, plays, three librettos, a musical, and many widely acclaimed works on history and sport. Several of his books are illustrated with his own photographs.

Stewart also lectures in France and the UK, gives talks, runs workshops, and visits schools. He is an occasional journalist and broadcaster.

When he isn’t writing, he enjoys travel, restaurants, sport, theatre, photography, art and music.

You can find him on:


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