Mindless: the mind-blowing new story from Louise Cole

Mindless is the unforgettable story of Stella. There’s not much of a synopsis I can give without ruining the story, but take it from me: you NEED to read this.

Stella is a troubled young girl, thrown into a difficult situation by her father, where she has to take charge. It is a story about growing up and about the relationship between the body and mind after a traumatic experience. As someone with real life experience of trauma (albeit a different kind), I can honestly say the way Louise Cole describes it in Mindless is perfect, and the closest to my own experience I’ve ever read in fiction.  And yet, the novel doesn’t focus too heavily on the trauma: it is just one part of Stella’s fascinating story.

ess is written from Stella’s viewpoint and she has such a strong voice from the outset that the reader is drawn into her story immediately. Stella is clever, witty and finds her way into your heart before you realise you’ve formed any attachment to her; I constantly wanted more of her story.  I rarely read a short piece where I feel a strong connection to a character or such an interest in what happens to them next.

Even though Mindless is all from Stella’s point of view, we learn a lot about her parents, her brother, her dog, and the other characters in her life. As a reader,  I often find shorter stories are lacking in this kind of characterisation and emotion, being more driven by plot, but that’s certainly not the case here.

moves between Stella in the present day dealing with what happened, and Stella in the events that led to her present day situation. Switching between these times keeps the reader turning the page to find out what happened next. We know something big happens, but Louise keeps us guessing until the very end.

Louise Cole is a brilliant writer. Her descriptions are wonderful and nothing at all like you would expect. The two that stood out for me in this piece were comparing love to period pain and the image of stirring something up like a little boy stirring a muddy puddle with a stick. They’re such evocative descriptions and really stick with you as you read, and long afterwards.

When I finished, I was left wondering what happened next (over a week after reading it, I’m still thinking about this story). There are times that Stella hints that she’s been dishonest and I wondered why, was she covering something and is there more to her story than we are told?

I would like to thank Louise for sharing Mindless with me. I really loved it. If Stella ever appears in more stories, I’ll be elbowing my way to the front of the queue to buy them!

Mindless is available for FREE this weekend only at: https://www.instafreebie.com/free/0LiOP

It will be appearing as part of a Kickass Heroines promotion between 20th and 31st July.

Don’t miss out!

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  1. Thanks for such a lovely and insightful review of Mindless, Charlotte. One day I will revisit Stella and see who she has become.
    I think – and this is one of those weird writer comments that sometimes get us sectioned – I met a grown up Stella in one of my other stories a couple of years ago but I didn’t realise then who she was. That was the start of a novel that didn’t get finished but maybe it will, now.

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