Moments of Happiness…2

I enjoyed writing about what made me happy last week. This week has been a tough one and focusing on some happy things is just what’s needed. So I’ve decided to make this a regular Monday feature. Let me know in the comments or on Twitter what made you happy this week. 

Here’s what did it for me:

This Candle

I’ve been lighting it every day this week and it makes my house smell like mint choc chip.


Always. Books make me happy so it’ll be a sad day when nothing bookish makes it onto my happy lists. This week has had so many lovely bookish things I could pop. I won THREE book giveaways, got a pile of books from the lovely Faye, and was approved for two books on netgalley that I cannot wait to read. I visited a local independent book shop for IBW 2017 and bonded with the bookseller over a shared love of Jasper Fforde, and also got the limited edition Harry Potter tote bag and Ravenclaw house edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

Rainbow Shelves

I’ve always been one for organising my books alphabetically by author. This weekend I took the plunge and went for a rainbow-ish arrangement. It’s backwards because I love purples and blues more than reds and oranges so I wanted them at the top, and there are some series that I couldn’t bear to separate. The final result is so pretty I can’t stop staring at it. Rainbow for the win!


Don’t worry. This won’t be a smooch-fest. This week was tough. He took hospital appointment day off work, took me there and got me out of my head for a walk before buying me chips for lunch. And took me to a bookshop where he did only the mildest of tutting as I piled my books on the counter and handed over much of our money. I think I’ll keep him.

ER- I Do

One of my non-book hobbies is watching traumatising medical drama. This week I saw this episode for the first time. A level-headed sensible doctor abandoned practicality and followed her heart, my favourite couple got back together and the love-to-hate character got delightfully drunk. I know it’ll all go horribly wrong soon enough but for now, this makes me happy.

Fellow Bloggers


I’ve been chatting and sharing tips and advice with two fabulous and supportive new bloggers. Amy from Golden Books Girl  and Louise from Book Murmuration. They make being a newbie blogger much more fun! Go and check out their work.

And because I enjoyed his responses so much last week, here’s what the 5 year old had to say about what made him happy this week:

  • Going to  see The Boss Baby
  • Being the Whizz Kid at school
  • Taking the register
  • Eating a jam doughnut
  • My tooth falling out

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  1. Doing list of happy things is always such an uplifting and lovely idea! (I love your little one’s list too haha)! And so so much YES for Rainbow shelves. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH.

    Liked by 1 person

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