Stats on Sunday

Who doesn’t love some good number crunching on the weekend?

I’m linking in with the Sunday Books Meme at Caffeinated Book Reviewer for the first time (with thanks to Evalina at Avalinah’s Books for the tip)!

This week, Husband accused me of having too many books (whatever that means), so I decided some organising was in order. Turns out, he might have a point.

month in books

My Current TBR- 300 books (yes, you read that right)

Physical BooksI have 114 unread physical books on my (very beautiful) bookshelf. I have 2 more books on order and since one of those is part of a buy one get one half-price deal, there’s a good chance that my shelf will be up to 117 by next week.

E-books: Usually I ignore these. When I was in the depths of my post-natal mental health issues, I spent many nights wide awake downloading some seriously strange free e-books. This week, I have sorted them out. After removing all those I will never read and archiving the ones I have read and want to keep, I have 172 on my Kindle TBR. And right after I finished this, my kindle died. So, that’s nice.

Advanced Review Copies: I have 6 currently on my list and one more on the way.

Library BooksBecause apparently it’s not enough that I buy ALL the books, I also have to borrow them all. I have 7 library books. Bringing my overall total to a deliciously neat 300 books.

Reading Challenges

Goodreads Bookbuster Challenge

This is a group challenge for the Goodreads group I’m in. Designed like the Blockbuster board and you read books whose author’s name starts with the letter in the block – completing a row or line, or, if you have issues with over-committing as I do, the entire grid.

Number of books I committed to: 28

Number of books I’ve read: 21

Thoughts: I’m quite pleased with this, although some of the 7 I have left to read are the tricky letters (and suggestions for letters V, U, Z, O, I, D and Y would be great).

Goodreads Number Challenge

Another group challenge where we read two books of our own choosing with a number in the title and one group read.

Number of books I committed to: 3

Number of books I’ve read: 0

Thoughts: Clearly, this one isn’t going so well, but also it only started this week.

Overall Goodreads Challenge

Number of books I committed to: 120

Number of books I’ve read: 62

Thoughts: I’m one book ahead of schedule, so I’m happy with this. It looks like I finally set myself a sensible target.


I’m pretty happy with where I’m at in my challenges, but I clearly have a book buying problem. So…*deep breath* I am going on a self-enforced book buying ban. Sensible people start this at the beginning of a calendar month and end it at the end. I’m not sensible. I’m starting my book buying ban today and I will not be buying any more books until after my surgery on 22nd August. So, it’s a little over a month. Husband will be thrilled.

This only applies to buying books though. It doesn’t mean I won’t be requesting more ARCs, entering giveaways or visiting the library. Just so Husband doesn’t get any crazy ideas.





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  1. Read Nnedi Okarafor for your ‘O’ square. She’s amazing! Although I’m fairly certain I’ve spelt her name wrong. And it probably doesn’t help with the book buying ban!


  2. Ha, I choose to live in ignorant bliss. The only time I have looked is when I bought a book on my kindle only to discover I had already bought it on my Nook. So I always double check now.


  3. Too many books? No such thing 😀 also, book bans? Girl, life is for living!
    I know what you mean about downloading crap on the Kindle. I also did when I just got the Kindle in 2012. I did clear up and count them this year though! I have like near 500 e-books and like 50 physical ones, not counting my mom’s and grandma’s books which I never really planned for myself. So you’re not alone 😀


      1. I would like to include some charts but not sure how to do them except in excel and I work with excel all the time so don’t want to spend my non-work time in it too! Any suggestions for other programmes for making charts?


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