Coffee and… My Latest Book Haul

Recently, I have obtained a ludicrous number of books (hence my book ban), so grab yourself a (large) coffee and join me in exploring my latest hauls!


The Coffee: this week I’m drinking Huye Mountain, a lemony tea-like Rwandan filter coffee from the fabulously named Steampunk Coffee. In an actual posh coffee cup because I’m trying to look like I actually have some parts of my life together.

The Books

Ravenclaw House Edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

HP RavenclawI got this one from Seven Stories Bookshop which I visited as part of Independent Book Week, where I also collected the limited edition Harry Potter tote bag. Every self-respecting Ravenclaw should have a copy of this in their house colours. Shout out to the Seven Stories team for enduring my over-excited tweets whilst trying to get hold of one of these bags. Whilst I was there I also grabbed three more books, because what else is a sad bookworm to do in a book shop?


Who Runs The World? 


I’ve had my sights on this one for a while and recently heard so many amazing things about it that I couldn’t not get a copy.


Girl of Ink and Stars

How beautiful is this book? I’ve heard so many rave reviews and the illustrations throughout sold it to me. I love a book with this kind of attention to detail.


The Lost and the Found

the lost and the found

I don’t think anyone can ever have enough Cat Clarke on their shelves, and the yellow section of my rainbow shelf was in need of some love. That’s my excuse and I am sticking to it.

Lovely Pile of Review Copies

Next up on my hauls were these treasures from the wonderful Faye at A Daydreamer’s Thoughts who had to part with some of her preciouses as part of a house move, so they have found their new home on my shelves and I’m thrilled to have them.

Noah Can’t Even


NoahI got this one in a giveaway, signed by the author and I’ve heard so many great things that this is going to be my next read!

You would think by this stage in the month I would have got enough new books. Whilst out for tea one night Husband mocked me for buying our son some books and not bringing any home myself. So I promptly left the restaurant and headed to the book shop, where I got


If Birds Fly Back and Truth or Dare


Both of these have been on my radar for a while and have been raved about during the #SundayYA chat, so I added them to my collection.

Then my local Waterstones tweeted about having signed copies of Patrice Lawrence’s latest. Having absolutely adored Orangeboy, I asked them to save me a copy and whilst I was there…


Indigo Donut and Hole in the Middle


They were on a buy one, get one half price offer, so obviously I had to get two. these both sound fantastic and add to my colourful rainbow shelf.


The Fallen Children


My beautiful, rare golden egg, and the last book of my haul before the dreaded buying ban began. I found this one whilst browsing the Waterstones YA collection. I wasn’t going to leave it there. No self-respecting book worm would.

What do you think of this latest haul? Have you read any of these?


35 thoughts on “Coffee and… My Latest Book Haul

Add yours

  1. That’s an enormous book haul and it makes me jealous, haha! I’ve been on a book ban for ages. Maybe I should say “book ban” cause as soon as I see a bookstore and the boyfriend isn’t around, I’m a goner haha.


  2. That is an excellent book haul – so many great books! I accidentally picked up a signed copy of Indigo Donut so I was made up with that. If nothing else, it meant one less book to take to YALC!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve read a lot of them actually! Harry Potter, obviously, though my House edition is Hufflepuff, Noah, Truth or Dare, The Lost and The Found, Nothing Tastes As Good, Indigo Donut and The Fallen Children. Hopefully you’ll make it to YALC next year!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Er, all of them? *g* If I absolutely had to pick, I suppose Noah if you want comedy and Indigo Donut or The Fallen Children if you want more seriousness/social commentary. But they’re all pretty great!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. A copy of Harry Potter in Ravenclaw colors is the most perfect thing ever! Ravenclaws cant live without it, I think. I love all the YA titles here. And after accumulating SO many books in grad school, I’ve been on a book ban as well, so I feel your pain!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I really want them all, but I don’t have the room, especially if they continue it with the other books. I did spend a while in Tesco the other week reading all the house specific information in the other editions though!

        Liked by 1 person

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