Moments of Happiness 4

happy things

It’s me again with the happy things! As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments or over on Twitter (@charlottesburns)

 Books Despite the Ban


If you read my Sunday Stats post, you’ll know that I am currently under a book-buying ban. Despite this, this week I have manage to obtain a rather large pile of books from friends clearing their shelves, giveaways and receiving ARCs that I cannot wait to read. Book people are the best people!

These Bookmarks

IMG_20170715_155957_779They’re probably a tad risque for posting on my blog, but a friend sent me these two bookmarks this week and I love them! I have the most amazing friends.

Lunch and Ice-Cream


This week I had lunch and ice-cream out with a lovely friend. We don’t spend a lot of time together without our husbands or child so it was lovely to have a lunch out, ice-cream and a wander around in the sunshine.

Sports Day


On Thursday I went to my boy’s sports day. He had a great time and his team came third overall. Then we did the parents and kids race and came 4th (out of 4) but we had fun and the little one loved his stickers!

Paper Fury Followed Me On Twitter

And she is basically my social media hero so that’s nice.

That’s it for this week. How’s your week been? 


6 thoughts on “Moments of Happiness 4

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  1. Omggg.😂😂😂 I’M SO GLAD I FOLLOWED YOU!! You are a fantastic person!!! (But like, obviously just sayin’, life would be more fantastic if you shared that ice cream with me….*coughs*)

    Also I love your pile despite your book ban!😂 I swear, book bans are just designed to make us realise how impossible life is without new books.

    Liked by 1 person

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