Coffee with Amy from Golden Books Girl

Joining me for coffee this week is the lovely Amy from Golden Books Girl I’ll be drinking a Tanzanian filter coffee from Steampunk Coffee, whilst Amy (not a coffee drinker) will be having a refreshing glass of water. Amy is sharing with us her favourite signed books, so grab yourself a drink and enjoy!


Hi everyone! So excited to be over here on Charlotte`s blog today. Hope you enjoy my post 🙂  despite my lack of signed book photos (I don`t currently have access to them to take photos. In no particular order, my favourite signed books are…

  1. Murder Most Unladylike series by Robin StevensI met Robin before Murder Most Unladylike was even published (even though I can`t quite remember how) and we`ve kept in touch ever since. I`m lucky enough to have almost this whole series (except for my finished copy of the first book) signed, and it just makes me love reading them even more to see Robin`s lovely messages in the front.2017-07-11-12-24-29-
  2. Adventure Island by Helen Moss- As I plan to speak about in a blog post later this week, this series means a lot to me in a lot of ways, so winning signed copies of the entire series in the Authors for the Philippines auction (along with the chance to meet Helen, who I`d already chatted with via email for a few years, in person)2017-07-11-12-19-24-
  3. Geek Girl series by Holly SmaleI met Holly at her signing after watching her excellent talk at the Edinburgh Book Festival last year, and got all the books that were out at that time signed. I`m a massive Geek Girl fangirl in general, so it`s pretty surreal that I got to meet someone I think is so amazing (and Holly was lovely) and have her write lovely messages.images-1 (1)
  4. Karen McCombie books I`ve met Karen quite a few times at the Edinburgh Book Festival, and I have quite a lot of my (very extensive!) Karen McCombie collection signed. A particularly treasured one is my copy of Angels in Training, which is dedicated to me .images
  5. A Home for Shimmer by Cathy HopkinsAs you might know if you follow me on Twitter my older dog is called Shimmer, and the name of the dog in this book is no coincidence. I`ve known Cathy ever since I devoured her books and got in touch with her, and I was so thrilled when she decided to use my Shimmer as the inspiration for her`s. This book is also dedicated to me (and Shim) so my signed copy is very special to me. 

And here’s a photo of Shimmer, who I’m sure you’ll agree is completely adorable!

Thanks so much for a wonderful chat Amy! 

I hope you all enjoyed reading about Amy’s favourite signed books as much as I did! My own favourites include my signed Jasper Fforde books (particularly the one where he wrote Happy Birthday), Strange the Dreamer and my lovely signed copy of The Devil’s Poetry. 

Do you have any treasured signed books to tell us about? 




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