End of Month Stats

Stats time! What happened this month?

My book buying ban began on Sunday 9th July. How’s that going you ask (probably laughing at my foolishness as you cuddle all your new books)? I got the two books I said I was picking up just before the ban..and one more that was a rare edition (but that doesn’t count when you already have a copy, obviously). Then I found 2 more books propping up my computer screen, putting my pre-ban total officially at 303. 

I gained 17 new books from friends, husband, ARC requests, giveaway wins and one for a Round Robin!

(Just a few of this month’s additions).

I have read 12 of my existing physical books, e-books and ARCS. I had to return 4 unread library books because someone else reserved them and I got 1 new library book.


My Current TBR now stands at 304. Which is one more than I set out with. This is going well.  

Physical Books: 122

E-books: 171

Advanced Review Copies: 8

Library Books: 4

Reading Challenges

Goodreads Bookbuster Challenge

Number of books I committed to: 28

Number of books I’ve read: 21

Thoughts: Not made any progress with this in the last month, but I have until December 31st to get through 7 more books.

Goodreads Number Challenge

Number of books I committed to: 3

Number of books I’ve read: 1

Thoughts: This isn’t bad but there aren’t many books with numbers on my TBR, so it doesn’t bode well for my ban.

Overall Goodreads Challenge

Number of books I committed to: 120

Number of books I’ve read: 73

Thoughts: Slightly ahead of schedule now, helped hugely by the knackered foot and enforced rest.

That’s my month in reading. I have 22 days of book buying ban left!

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