Books with the Boy: Spy Toys Blog Tour

Toys rejected for being “unsuitable” band together to form a team of Spy Toys in stories described as “Toy Story meets James Bond”. Sounds awesome, right? 

The boy (S) and I were really excited to receive these books to read and review together. 

Spy Toys: Playtime is Over

(this is S’s favourite page from this book because Rusty is being defeated)

My thoughts: 

This was a great introduction to a series of books. I liked that each of the characters had a flaw that made their producers believe they were “unsuitable” for being with children, but they worked to overcome these flaws as the story went on. I particularly loved child-hating Arabella. The plot was a perfect spy adventure for parents and children to enjoy. 

I worried that the story would be a little too grown up for my 6 year old (it is aimed at a slightly higher age group) but aside from not understanding some of the language, he got on really well with it, so I would say younger readers could enjoy this with a parent. 

My only criticism of this was the use of a peanut as a weapon against an allergy sufferer. My son found this really funny, and I took this as an opportunity to discuss with him why you should never do that in real life, but I did think that children reading this alone would see this and potentially model that behaviour. 

His thoughts: 

The best thing about the book was when the spy toys rescued Sam and they worked together as a team.

My favourite character was Dan because he’s big and strong and I can play as him on the Spy Toys app. I liked Flax and Arabella was funny. I didn’t like Rusty Flumptrunk because he was a mean elephant and I liked when he got defeated by the spy toys. 

Spy Toys 2: Out of Control

(S loved the image of Auntie Roz on the running machine)

My thoughts: 

This second book got off to a much quicker start and had a lot of humour in for both children and adults. S seemed to enjoy this one more easily and we read the first 6 chapters in one sitting, which is rare for him. 

I loved seeing the characters develop more in this story. Again, Arabella was the favourite for me, from her pretending to like children to discovering a child she actually gets on with. 

The spy toys new mission was interesting with a great surprise / reveal that shocked us both. S was really excited to  see there was a teaser chapter for a third book, so it’s safe to say this was an all round hit! 

His thoughts: 

My favourite bit was at the end. It got very exciting and Jade found a family to play with. She was happy because it’s important for toys to have someone to play with.

 I liked everything in the book. I liked the spy toys and Chloe was a bit funny. I loved Jade even though she was a bit bad at the start, but she got happy at the end. Player One was a big, huge surprise.

And there was an extra chapter for another Spy Toys book so we have to read that one next.

Our thanks to Bloomsbury, Mark Powers and Faye Rogers for the opportunity to read and review the Spy Toys books. 

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