Disney Book Tag

I was tagged to do this by Amy from Golden Books Girl, so thanks Amy for the tag!

I feel like I’ve answered a lot of tags with books I’ve read this year, so I set myself the challenge of answering this using only books that I read in 2016, which turned out to be harder than I thought it would be. 2016 was a really bad reading year for me.

  • The Little Mermaid – character who feels like a fish out of water

Joy stone from The Trick is to Keep Breathing. She is trying to find a way to live in the world following the death of her partner, and struggling.

  • Cinderella – character who goes through a major transformation

Beatrice (Tris) Prior from the Divergent series. She starts off as a shy member of Abnegation, not sure where she belongs and becomes a badass and confident Divergent.

  • Snow White – book with an eclectic cast

All the Shadowhunter books by Cassandra Clare. I read all of The Mortal Instruments at the start of 2016 (probably the best books I read all year) and they definitely have the most eclectic cast of any book I read last year.

  • Sleeping Beauty – book which put you to sleep

The Girl Who Trod on a Loaf. I picked this one up as part of a reading challenge and it was so slow and uneventful that I struggled to get through more than a couple of pages at a time.

  • The Lion King – character who had a traumatic childhood

Lisbet Salander from The Girl in the Spider’s Web. If you’ve read the earlier novels in this series, you will know that Lisbet had an extremely traumatic childhood.

  • Beauty and the Beast – an intimidating read

An intimidating read is a really tough one to read, and I don’t often feel intimidated by a book on my TBR. I’m going to say The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith. I knew when I came to pick it up that it was J.K.Rowling and I felt pressure / nerves when I read it because I was worried I wouldn’t enjoy it. Does that count?

  • Aladdin – character who gets their wish granted

Lirael from Goldenhand, who finally gets her wish of finding her place in the world when she becomes the Abhorsen-in-Waiting.

  • Mulan – character who pretends to be something they’re not

America Singer from The Selection series, who pretends to be a girl who wants to win the hand of the Prince in marriage, but who has ulterior motives in entering the Selection process.

  • Toy Story – characters I want to come to life

Zuzana, Karou and Mic from the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series. I would love to be a part of their friendship group.

  • Disney Descendants – favourite villains

Oh so many villains, and this was probably the hardest question to answer from books I only read in 2016. My pick for this is Big Ger Cafferty from the Rebus novels, who is the perfect villain of these crime novels. I love his relationship with Rebus across the whole series of books.

That’s my answers for the Disney tag! What did you think? I feel like I’ve been tagging a lot of people lately, so I’m not going to tag anyone specific in this one, but feel free to give it a go and let me know your answers!

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