October Happy Things

Crunchy leaves. Autumn! Snuggling in blankets. Good coffee. Pupper snuggles. Buying all the books (literally ALL the books). An evening with Holly Bourne. Witchmas!! Making plans for our New Zealand adventure. The Book of Dust...and especially my limited edition signed copy because it is so, so beautiful. Taking advantage of long train journeys and reading!... Continue Reading →

#SixforSunday Scary Books

This week I am doing six scary books for  #SixforSunday hosted by the lovely Steph of A Little But a Lot but because I am terrible at following rules...my scary books aren't all scary in the traditional sense and some of them are short stories. Oops. 1. Bad Science by Ben Goldacre Obviously this comes under the "not... Continue Reading →

Harry Potter Tag

Today, I'm doing the Harry Potter book tag. I was tagged by Amy at Golden Books Girl (thanks Amy, I really enjoyed this one). What house are you in? RAVENCLAW. Always Ravenclaw. Well, that's not strictly true. When I first joined Pottermore, it placed me in Hufflepuff, but that's never where my heart was. I... Continue Reading →

Coffee and…Wunderkids Blog Tour

Today on the blog, I am joined by the lovely Jacqueline Silvester for the Wunderkids blog tour. Jacqueline is answering 25 questions in 25 days across 25 blogs to celebrate the release of her (in my opinion, brilliant) novel. Today Jacky is joining me to discuss a topic that we both have personal experience of:... Continue Reading →

Slaying my TBR: 9th October

It's that time again! My week in books. I've not been able to read as often this week as I have the past few weeks because I AM BACK AT WORK. Finally, after six weeks of post-operative recovery. Somehow I managed to read more books than I've been reading whilst I was off. I have... Continue Reading →

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