Coffee and… Anticipated November Reads

This week my coffee and I are looking forward to November. Join me in a cuppa whilst I tell you about five books I’ve got my eye on for next month (can you hear my bank account crying?)

coffee and...

The Coffee: This week (and for the next few weeks) I am drinking Square Mile‘s Kilimanjaro. This coffee raises the bar of awesome every year and remains a firm favourite in our house. So, when they advertised it processed three ways I was all over that. This week’s bean is the pulped natural which is tasting DIVINE. Okay, I’ll stop gushing over coffee now…

The Books:


The City of Brass 

This book has magical escapism written all over it. The future of the kingdom lies in the hands of a young con-artist, Nahri. She doesn’t believe in magic until she accidentally brings a creature from one of her childhood tales to life, and this creature has an important story for her. Alchemy, magic, dangerous politics and a headstrong main character on a mission: what more could I want?



I am a sucker for any kind of dystopian novel. Renegades promised me all the dystopia! A crumbling society pieced together by humans with extraordinary abilities, dissatisfied citizens, a woman hell-bent on vengeance and a boy who only wants justice. I cannot wait to read this one.



This Mortal Coil 

This Mortal Coil is set in a world where people are implanted with technology which allows them to recode their DNA. Hacker, Catarina, specialises in hacking genes. Her father, a geneticist, is the last hope for defeating a plague that threatens their world. When he goes missing it is up to Cat to try to save the world. Hello. Yes please. This sounds so many kinds of exciting.


Daemon Voices 

It is not often that you will see non-fiction on my lists of things I am excited about. Philip Pullman has been one of my favourite authors since I first read Northern Lights, and I am really looking forward to this collection of essays on storytelling from an expert in the field.


The Beginning of the World in the Middle of the Night

It’s also pretty rare that I read collections of short stories, or pick them up without having someone else shove them in my face and tell me to read them. This collection just sounds so dark and creepy, I can’t not want it: spirits in jam jars, a coffin hotel and a boy who is worried that his sister has two souls. This collection is one that I need to get my hands on. Soon. 

There are so many good books due out next month that picking my top five was really hard work! What are you looking forward to in November? 




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