Coffee and… November Book Haul

I thought I'd been really good this week with the hauling of books, because I haven't been to the shops anywhere near as much as normal, but alas! It is not to be. Grab your cuppa and join me in a run down of the new additions to Mount Ted TBR. The Coffee: I'm drinking... Continue Reading →

Stats on Sunday: November

As usual, I'm linking up my stats with The Sunday Post for November's round-up. In November, I have read 10 books and DNF 1 book. You can read my reviews here: 3rd November, 17th November and 24th November. I have bought 13 new books, which will all feature in my book haul post on Wednesday. I have... Continue Reading →

Coffee and… Bullet Journalling

Today, I am sitting down with my coffee to chat about my recently started bullet journal. It's not Wednesday like it normally would be, because my carefully laid plans are all going to hell in a handbasket, but join me anyway? The Coffee: I'm drinking a mug of  the El Martillo (Red Honey) filter coffee... Continue Reading →

#SixforSunday War Books

Today, I am linking up with Steph from A Little But a Lot for #SixforSunday, where the theme is war books. Here are my six picks 1. Goodnight Mr Tom by Michelle Magorian - I suspect this book is one of the most well-known war stories. I have loved this since I first read it, although at times it... Continue Reading →

Coffee and… The Harry Potter Spells Tag

This week's coffee is being drunk whilst reflecting on the wonderful Harry Potter series. I was tagged for this by Taiwo at Stuffed Shelves last month. This tag was created by Kimberlyfaye Reads and she is also responsible for the STUNNING graphics in this post. The Coffee: This week I have been drinking the Guji Hambella Natural from Atkinsons Coffee... Continue Reading →

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