#SixforSunday 2018 Books I’m Excited For

s4sAgain six? ONLY SIX? Are you kidding me? Steph WHY DO YOU KEEP DOING THIS TO ME? I thought we were friends. I am honestly looking forward to so many books in 2018 that I do not know where to start, so I’ve just picked six at random.

1. Melinda Salisbury- State of Sorrow. I adored Queen Mel’s The Sin Eater’s Daughter trilogy and I am all the worlds of ready for a new adventure in Mel’s writing. It promises grief, darkness, twists and power struggles, which always feature highly on my lists of favourite things, but frankly, since Mel is writing it, it could be a shopping list and I would still be all over it like cream on hot chocolate.

2. Sara Barnard- Goodbye Perfect. Sara’s A Quiet Kind of Thunder was one of my favourite books of this year. Her writing is beautiful and gripping. It remains one of the few books I have sat up holding my bladder into the early hours to finish in one sitting. If that’s not a ringing endorsement of her work, I don’t know what is! Goodbye, Perfect is a story of friendship and secrets and it sounds so wonderful.

3. C.G. Drews – A Thousand Perfect Notes – (aka Paper Fury). I have followed Paper Fury for such a long time and I love her writing, so I am excited for her debut novel. It is a story of abuse, music and hope and about a boy who is scared to stand up for what he wants in life. It sounds heart-breaking. Or it would, if my heart weren’t an emotionless swinging brick.

4. All the Authors! – Floored – This is such an exciting collaboration of some of my favourite authors: Sara Barnard, Holly Bourne, Tanya Byrne, Non Pratt, Melinda Salisbury, Lisa Williamson and Eleanor Wood. They are all writing a different character in a novel following the lives and loves of a group of teenagers. They all have such amazing voices and storytelling abilities. How could anyone not be excited for this?

5. Vic James- Bright Ruins. If you’ve followed by blog for any length of time you will know that a few months ago I read Gilded Cage and then Tarnished City and now Vic has my life in her hands. I cannot put into words how excited and nervous I am for the last one. I need to know what is going on with that Silyen dude.

6. Abi Elphionstone – Skysong. Aimee has been raving about this and it sounds like such a beautiful book. Snowy landscapes, polar bears, glaciers and an evil Ice Queen. Sold. Add in an adventure of a girl and a boy trying to save the world and I am done. Can I have this now? Which family member would I need to sacrifice?

What books are you especially excited for in the new year?

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