View from New Zealand – Orana Wildlife Park

view from nx

A few days before we left NZ, Mum, S and I went to Orana Wildlife Park. It was great, except the part where I smashed up my phone screen. So, all my photos from there are on the big camera (and let’s be honest, they’re not going to get moved off there any time soon because jetlag) so you’ll have to make do with a photo off the camera screen.


One of the first things we saw was the tiger feeding. I couldn’t get over how close to all the animals you could get. There wasn’t much between us and this tiger at all. Some water and a couple of short fences on the side we were standing.

The lions were amazing. If S had been taller and the slots weren’t full, we could have gone in a cage into the lion enclosure. We thought that would be cool. Then we saw the lions start stalking the cage like they were taking down prey and decided we were fine on our side of the fence thank you very much.


My favourite bit was feeding the giraffes from this giant platform. There’s no zoom on this shot so that should give you some idea how close to them we got.

If ever you find yourself around the Christchurch area, you should definitely pay a visit to Orana Wildlife Park.

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