Book Review: Everless by Sara Holland

Set in a world where your blood and your time is currency. Blood is extracted and bound to iron which is then used to pay debts or consumed to add time to your lifespan. The rich Gerlings tax the poor and seem to live forever, whilst the poor are bled to pay their debts. Jules... Continue Reading →


Coffee and… My TBR of Doom

Friends, Readers, Fellow Bloggers... it's official: I am going to die under a pile of books in a disaster entirely of my own making. Why? My January and February TBR is seriously out of control. Join me in a coffee whilst I expand The Coffee: ALL THE COFFEE. I need to drink every single coffee... Continue Reading →

Book Review- The Last Namsara

A kickass female dragon-slayer, DRAGONS, storytelling and magic: all these things should have made this one of my top 2017 reads. They are usually instant winners, but I just didn’t love The Last Namsara as much as I wanted to. I enjoyed it, but I didn’t LOVE it. Asha (daughter of the King of Firgaard)... Continue Reading →

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