#SixforSunday New Authors Discovered in 2017


Six. I get to pick six. I could give you a lot more, but here’s my #SixforSunday authors I discovered in 2017.

1. Melinda Salisbury. Queen Mel. I feel Steph will approve of this. Author of the spellbinding Sin Eater’s Daughter trilogy. Mel is on my instant buy list. I will read anything she writes.

2. Sara Barnard. A Quiet Kind of Thunder awed me. It is one book I read in 2017 that really stuck with me. I can’t wait to read more from Sara.

3. Celeste Ng. I was introduced to this author only recently with her book Little Fires Everywhere which is going to be a firm favourite of mine for ever. I love the layers to Celeste’s storytelling and have high hopes for her other books.

4. Alice Broadway. Her story about tattoos and your life story being visible to the world captured my heart. Alice is such a lovely, lovely person and I hope to meet her at an event in 2018 so I can stare in awe and dissolve into an embarrassed puddle at her feet.

5. Vic James. Author of Gilded Cage and Tarnished City and orchestrator of my emotional torment. Vic has turned my feelings upside down and inside out and I am still not okay.

6. Jay Kristoff. Author of my favourite assassin and two books which have made my dark heart happy this year. I am excited for more of this man’s work. Excited and also very, very scared.

Which authors did you discover in 2017?

6 thoughts on “#SixforSunday New Authors Discovered in 2017

Add yours

  1. I think my favourite backlist discovery was Lari Don! I loved both her series, and really enjoyed Rocking Horse War too. I’m even going to give her YA a go even though it doesn’t sound like my usual thing.
    Debut wise, Jess Butterworth is my tip top find.
    Amy x

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