This Mortal Coil by Emily Suvada

This Mortal Coil is a one-sitting book. I picked it up and couldn’t put it down until I finished. There are so many twists that just when you think it’s safe to stop reading, something happens to make you carry on. And it is absolutely worth the scratchy-eyed exhaustion the following day.

I found it a little overly descriptive at the very start, but soon got over that. Emily’s writing is exquisite. Her descriptions of places, people and events really drive home the horror of the situation that Catarina Agatta is in. The Hydra virus is hideous and the way to stay immune to is even more so. This is a dark and brutal dystopia with disturbing concepts and images throughout. Sometimes they even shook my dark and twisty core.

The technology in Catarina’s world allows people to add technology to their systems to enhance their lives. This technology is advanced, but it cannot stop people from dying. Catarina suffers from hypergenesis which means she cannot take on the tech others have and survive, so she has learned to hack her genes.

Catarina is a hacker, daughter of the famous Dr. Lachlan Agatta. He may be humanity’s last hope of defeating the Hydra virus. When he dies and leaves a secret coded message for his daughter, this responsibility passes to Catarina. Can she solve the puzzle and handle that responsibility? Can she learn to trust Cole, the Cartaxus agent sent by her father? She learns that no one around her is who she thought she was.

This Mortal Coil explores some serious issues: the advancement of technology, the evolution of super-viruses, what a person will do to stay alive, and what happens when we interfere with genes and try to perfect the human body. It is a dark and brutal dystopia.

This book is ideal for fans of dystopia and fast-paced adventures.

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