Coffee and… My Latest Book Hauls

coffee and...

My name is Charlotte and I have a book-buying addiction. I don’t even care really. This month my haul is OUTRAGEOUS. I am justifying it on the basis of having had  MANY Christmas and Birthday vouchers to spend. January is an awesome month to be me. So, join me as I show off my haul…just make sure that you have an extra large coffee…or two.

The Coffee:

This week I’m drinking Finca Tamana, a Columbian filter from Workshop coffee. I made double the usual amount as I could be here some time.

The Books:

The Christmas Haul


This was one of my best book trips ever. I got all these books and one for the boy and I parted with none of my own English pounds. I had vouchers for Christmas, a full Waterstones stamp card, and enough points on the points card to clear off the balance. And to top it off I got to meet up with the lovely Aimee who helped me choose some of these beauties. BEST. DAY. EVER.

Trudi Caravan “The Magicians Guild” – This one was recommended to me by one of my favourite booksellers whilst I was browsing the fantasy section. It has a strong female character, magic and darkness. That’s pretty much all I needed to know.

Rachel Hartman “Seraphina” – Aimee picked this one up. She chooses the most awesome books for me to read (see her previous recommendations here and here) so I was sold even before I read the blurb. This one has dragons. Aimee recommended it and it has dragons. What else do you need to know?

Glenda Millard “The Stars at Oktober Bend” – I picked this one all by myself. Like a real grown up. It is about a girl called Alice who cannot communicate well verbally, but writes beautifully, and a boy called Manny, who is fleeing his life as a child soldier. It just sounds beautiful.

Michael Fishwick “The White Hare” – “A lost boy. A dead girl, and one who is left behind.” This was the line that drew me in and hooked me. That and a magic white hare. Sounds wonderful.

Dave Shelton “Thirteen Chairs” – Aimee picked this one too. Thirteen chairs and thirteen stories. It sounds spooky AF.

Marie Lu “Batman Nightwalker” – Everyone is talking about this Batman origin story. I love an origin story and I’m a big fan of Batman. If it’s anything like the Wonder Woman book in the same series it’ll sit on my shelves for 84 years without me knowing why.

Danielle Paige “Stealing Snow” – I chose this myself too. I was on a bit of a snow kick: having spent almost a month in New Zealand in the sunshine I was craving some of that Christmassy snow (I am over it now). Snow has spent her life locked in a psychiatric unit but she isn’t ill. So I needed to get this to find out what that was all about.

Birthday Haul(s)


My Birthday book buying has been spread out over a few separate hauls. First up was “The Dream Snatcher” by Abi Elphinstone which I bought on a trip to Lancaster soon after I put down Sky Song and decided I needed to read everything Abi has ever written. Then I bought the others in the trilogy: “The Shadow Keeper” and “The Night Spinner”. I haven’t read a lot about them but they sound a little dark and a lot magical, and I just adore Abi’s writing.

Then I went book shopping with the lovely Sarah from Sarah Withers Blogs and bought:

Paula Rawsthorne “Shell” – A modern day Frankenstein retelling. SOLD. I love a fresh take on an old favourite. The cover is so striking I had to have it. Also, all my favourite bloggers have been raving about this and they know books.

Linni Ingemundsen “The Unpredictability of Being Human” – This was one of the possible proofs in the goody bag from a Holly Bourne event I went to last year. It was not the proof I got but I’ve been keeping my eye out for it ever since.

Samira Ahmed “Love, Hate and Other Filters” – This one sounds like an important read. It is an #OwnVoices novel looking at Islamophobia and life as an Indian-American Muslin teen in the aftermath of an horrific crime. It’s been pitched as being perfect for fans of Angie Thomas (I loved THUG) and I’ve seen nothing but rave reviews.


Then I bought more books. I signed up to the Wildest Dreams subscription and got The Extinction Trials (Jurassic Park meets the Hunger Games? Hell, yes).

I also bought A Faraway Place by Amy Wilson and I am blaming Steph for that because she reviewed it here and then I needed it.

It was on a buy one get one half price offer so I also picked up Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon. I watched the film adaptation for this on the way to New Zealand so I figured it’s about time I read the book.

Then my wonderful friend sent me a birthday Amazon voucher, so I stocked up on a giant pile of ebooks too:

Shonda Rhimes “Year of Yes” – this woman destroyed my life with Grey’s Anatomy. I am an emotional wreck. I hope this book is going to help with that.

V.E.Schwab “A Conjuring of Light” – I have never read a V.E. Schwab book but this is now the 4th one I’ve bought. I have never claimed to be sensible.

Rainbow Rowell “Fangirl” – I’ve heard so many good things about this and it was on a brilliant offer so I had to pick it up.

Terry Brooks “The Sword of Shannara” – a guy at work has been recommending this book to me solidly for 3 years now. I keep saying I will read it. Then it was on a 99p Kindle offer so I picked it up. Owning it is half way to reading it, right?

Non Pratt “Unboxed” – another awesome kindle deal. I’ve heard brilliant things about this and Non Pratt in general so I can’t wait to read it.

Sarah Millican “How to Be Champion” – I just love Sarah. I love her so much. She always makes me laugh.

Alice Hoffman “The Rules of Magic” – This is the prequel to Practical Magic which  is one of my all time favourites. I’ve been waiting to get this for a while and this birthday voucher gave me the perfect excuse to pick it up.

Samantha Shannon “The Song Rising” and “The Mime Order” – No, I haven’t read them yet. Yes, I am a bad person. I’ve been reliably informed that once I read the first I’ll need all the others. So I’m going in prepared.

Next up is a pile of books I got in preparation for upcoming book events:


Anna Day “The Fandom” – I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of Anna’s debut novel, so I obviously binge-read it right before hand so as not to appear stupid. I ADORED this book and will be reviewing it fully soon.

Teri Terry “Contagion” and “Deception” – I am going to be doing a Q and A with Teri Terry as part of the Northern YA Literature Festival. I was sent Deception for the event and picked up a copy of Contagion as I haven’t read that yet (but am assured it is wonderful)

Sarah Crossan and Brian Conaghan “We Come Apart” – Sarah and Brian are doing an event for this book at my old university in my old lecture hall and I couldn’t pass up the chance to attend that. I adored Sarah’s writing in Moonrise and am really looking forward to reading this one.

Dan Smith “Below Zero” – Dan did a joint event with the lovely Anna Day at Newcastle Waterstones which was chaired by my lovely friend Steph. Obviously I had to go along to support her and it seemed rude not to have read something by Dan before I did. Below Zero was brilliant. Keep an eye out for my review!

Matt Haig “How to Stop Time” “Echo Boy” and “Dead Fathers Club” – I read How to Stop Time for Matt Haig’s event in Newcastle. I have admired him on Twitter for a long time and never got round to reading his books. He is just lovely in person, his writing is fabulous, and I couldn’t pass up the chance to buy two more of his books whilst I was there.

Holly Black “The Cruel Prince” – Holly is going to be THE main event at the Northern YA Literature Festival, and I have heard so many brilliant things about this book. It’s one of the entry conditions that you have a copy, and I probably would have bought it at some point anyway, so WIN WIN.

Proofs I Received


I am always overjoyed when I get sent books in the post, and this month has been exceptional. Thank you to the lovely publicists at Hachette Group and Barrington Stoke, and to Hazel, organiser of The Northern YA Literature Festival for the proofs I received this month.

C.G. Drews “A Thousand Perfect Notes” – Be still my beating heart. I am so excited for this book I cannot even. I have been dying to get my hands on it since PaperFury first announced it. A book about music, abuse and hope. It sounds perfect.

Annabel Pitcher “The Last Days of Archie Maxwell” – I was sent this one as I will be doing a Q and A with Annabelle as part of The Northern YA Literature Festival event in March. I’ve heard that this book tackles the dangers of stereotyping young boys, an issue close to my heart as the mother of a small boy. I can’t wait to read it!

Jane Harper “Force of Nature” – when I’m not buried in YA novels, I enjoy a good crime / thriller. Five women set out on a hike but only four return. I love the sound of this, even more so that it is a group of work colleagues, which adds a dynamic I don’t think I’ve come across before. I’m looking forward to reading and reviewing this for the blog tour in a couple of weeks.


These two fabulous picture books were sent for S and I to review as part of our Books with the Boy features. We are hoping to be bringing you a Q and A for one of these where both S and I will be posing the questions!

This month I have expanded my TBR by 39 books, which is insane even by my own standards. I’m thinking of trying to reduce my haul for next month by only allowing myself to buy one new book for every three that I read off my existing shelf. Who knows if that will work.

What books did you get in January? How do you keep your TBR in check? HELP ME.

11 thoughts on “Coffee and… My Latest Book Hauls

Add yours

  1. I’m really excited to get hold of the Amy Wilson when I go book shopping (which will probably be next week 😁, which I’m very excited for as this week has not been fun and I don’t think next week will be either. )
    Amy xx


      1. My half term starts a week on Monday so I want lots of lovely books to read (*coughs* not like I’ve already got over 100, no, not me 🙈)
        Also giving Fandom a try at library as it sounds more fantasy thsn dystopia 😊


  2. Great post! You will LOVE Sarah Millican’s book! Shonda Rhimes’ book has been on my TBR since it was released. And I’ve had Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl recommended to me so many times. I’ve seen the Fandom book a lot on Twitter lately so I’m intrigued to give it a go x


  3. I like the idea of the two cups of coffee while sharing about the fabulous book haul.

    Many of these are new to me, but I see two that I’ve read: Fangirl and The Rules of Magic; and books I want: A Force of Nature and Year of Yes.



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