January in Books

month in books

Welcome to the first stats-ish post of 2018! Every year I seem to end up starting with revamping and overhauling my Goodreads list and this year was no exception. I’ve had a wee revamp of my usual stats format too, and not posting it on a Sunday anymore so I can join in more #SixforSunday tags. I’ve also started the year with some large hauls and not enough reading to balance them out. So, business as usual then!

mount ted

Mount Ted TBR stands at 352 books in total. I’m not counting physical and ebooks separately any more because it was breaking my brain.

I have 27 arcs and proofs (physical and Netgalley combined).

This month I gained 39 books, which can be seen in yesterday’s haul post! Yes, I am ridiculous, but also it has been Christmas AND my birthday.

I read 8 books. They are: The Last Namsara, Everless, This Mortal Coil, I Swapped My Brother on the Internet, Sky Song, I Am Thunder and The Fandom.

challenge updates

Where in the World? I have read 3 out of 6 books. I have ticked off North America (The Last Namsara), Europe (Sky Song) and Australia (This Mortal Coil).

Magic Square I have read 5 out of 25 books. I have cheated slightly and ticked off three free choice squares (Sky Song, This Mortal Coil and The Last Namsara), but have also read a debut book (Everless) and a book about books (The Fandom).

Book Riot Read Harder I have read 3 out of 24: A one sitting book (This Mortal Coil), The first in a new-to-you YA or MG series (The Last Namsara) and a book about nature (Sky Song – yeah, okay, the link is tenuous, but I do not care).

Beat the Backlist I have read no books from my backlist towards my goal of 40. Go me!

Netgalley Bronze I have read 3 of my netgalley backlog books (Everless, This Mortal Coil and I Am Thunder) and cleared off a further one that I did not finish.

I’m happy with the start to my challenges this year, though I doubt I can keep up this pace! Now all I need is to get on top of that TBR …. <dies laughing>

How’s everyone else getting on with their 2018 reading challenges?


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  1. On Goodreads, I often click “want to read” on books that I don’t necessarily end up reading. I consider these my wish list and not on my TBR stacks…otherwise, I would go crazy sorting them out. I don’t worry about anything on Goodreads until I actually read and review the books.

    Good luck with Mt. Ted,,,

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    1. I’ve started to be much more selective about what I click as Want to Read. I had a good clear out at the start of the year.

      Sadly (or excellently) Mount Ted is all books I already own and definitely want to read.

      Thank you


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