#SixforSunday Fictional Animals


This week’s prompt from the lovely Steph at A Little But A Lot is fictional animals. Here are my top six:

1. Armoured Bears – I LOVE polar bears. They are beautiful, furry, majestic, they eat people and they can kill with one strike of their paw. Are you surprised that they are my favourite animal? In His Dark Materials, Philip Pullman made them armoured. Vicious beauties with armour. This is totally my aesthetic.

2. Dragons – They. Breathe. Fire. This should need no further explanation. Who would not want a Dragon?

3. Direwolf – giant wolves with some sort of creepy psychic connection to their humans. Yes. I will take a pack of those, thank you very much.

4. Demiguise – a creature from Fantastic Beasts with two skills: predicting the future and invisibility. Both of these skills will be very useful to me when I take over the world.

5. Mermaids – not the pretty ones. Those ones that drag unsuspecting victims to their deaths in the depths of the sea. The beautiful mermaids with the vicious tempers. Those mermaids. I probably don’t want to encounter one, but I admire them all the same.

6. Daemons – both the kind from His Dark Materials where your soul lives outside of your body as a little shape-shifting companion, and the kind presented in Nevernight – the shadow companion who can manipulate the darkness. I would trade my swinging-brick heart for one of these in a second.

What fictional creatures would make it onto your list?


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