#SixforSunday Films of Books


I loved choosing my six favourite films of books for this week’s Six for Sunday, hosted by Steph at A Little But A Lot.

1. The Fault in our Stars – This is one of those rare occasions where I watched the film before I read the book. I KNOW. I am bad. I loved the film. I thought Hazel and Augustus were cast perfectly and the film stayed fairly true to the book. It made me laugh, and gave me those weird sad feels that I rarely get.

2. The Hunger Games – These films are some of my favourites. I watch them at least once a month – usually during the few days that I am working on a particular kind of report. they give me comforting background noise and every time I watch them I find something new to fixate on.

3. Divergent – but JUST Divergent. Not the horrors that came into the world claiming to be based on the second and third books. I loved the way Tris and Four were represented and the way the film brought the faction system to life.

4. The Time Traveller’s Wife – I honestly don’t know why I love this so much. I usually hate soppy films of all kinds, but there is something about this one that struck a chord. The way the past and the present are separated and linked and the cohesive casting across the ages really impressed me.

5. Fantastic Beasts – Eddie Redmayne is PERFECT as Newt. Niffler. The Bowtruckle. It’s all just wonderful. I love it. I don’t know if it really is based on a book, but shush.

6. Me Before You – This breaks two of my cardinal rules: no soppy films and no watching films before reading the books. Oops. I went to watch this in the weeks after my grandad died and it broke me. I sobbed actual human tears outside the cinema. In public. I have no regrets.

Have you enjoyed any films based on books? 


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  1. OHMYGOD. Me Before You breaks my poor little heart every single time I see it… and I’ve seen it A LOT OF TIMES. God. That story.

    Thank you so much for joining in #SixforSunday! I love that you’re a regular! ❤ S xx

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