February in Books

month in books

Here we are again at the end of another month. Again. Unlike everyone else in the world, I really feel like February has dragged. This month has been somewhat less bookish than January, probably because I had no book vouchers or birthdays. Sigh.

mount ted

Mount Ted TBR has been pruned a little. I got carried away doing the dusting and decided to kick some books off my mountain that had been there several years and which I no longer had any interest in reading (some of them I’m not sure I had any interest in reading to start with). I now have a mere 365 books to clear off.

Despite my lack of vouchers, I have still acquired a decent number of books this month: 17 to be exact. They can be seen in my latest haul post.

In February, I read 13 books: The Sacrifice BoxForce of Nature, The Cruel Prince, We Come Apart, Here Comes Hercules, Hera’s Terrible Trap, Contagion, Deception, The Last Days of Archie Maxwell, The Queen of the Tearling, A Shiver of Snow and Sky, Tell No Lies and Love, Hate and Other Filters.

challenge updates

Where in the World? 3 out of 6 books read. This month I haven’t read any new books towards this challenge.

Magic Square I have read 11 out of 25 books. In February I ticked off: Book of poems (We Come Apart), True or Fictional Crime (Force of Nature),  and Book by a Small Publisher (The Last Days of Archie Maxwell).

Book Riot Read Harder I have read 4 out of 24 for this challenge. In February I read Love, Hate and Other Filters which I’m counting as the romance by a person of colour square. This challenge is shaping up to be much harder than I anticipated because so many of the book topics are outside of my comfort zone.

Beat the Backlist I have read 1 book from my backlist towards my goal of 40: A Shiver of Snow and Sky.

Netgalley Bronze I have read a further 3 books towards this: The Beginning of the World in the Middle of the Night, The Sacrifice Box and The Cruel Prince. This gives me a total 6/10 for this challenge.

I’m reasonably happy with this progress, but I still need to work on reducing my TBR instead of growing it.

How’s everyone else getting on with their 2018 reading challenges?


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  1. I also read 13 books this month 😊. Well done on getting Ted down a bit too; it always feels quite cathartic to remove things you have no interest in anymore I think. I should probably do it more often, there are things on mine I seriously question what possessed me to ever buy them 🙈
    Amy x

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