Six for Sunday: Characters You’d Like to Be Stuck in a Lift With


The lovely Steph at A Little But A Lot has set the challenge of six characters I would want to be stuck in a lift with, and to be completely honest I’m struggling to think of one. I’d prefer to be stuck in a lift by myself with six books to keep me company! But, rules are rules, so here are six people I would tolerate being stuck in a lift with:

1.  Callie from the Dark Matter books by Teri Terry. She survived fire and she can walk through walls. Most people can’t see or hear her. She would be the perfect scout.

2. Katie from The Fandom. She’s witty, smart and we could invent new swears together to pass the time.

3. Jules Ember from Everless. Time behaves funny around her so I’m hoping her presence could make our time in the lift seem shorter than it is.

4. Izzy from Little Fires Everywhere. She set tiny fires in the middle of all her family’s beds. I’m hoping that I’d be able to find out exactly why she chose to do it like that.

5. Muzna Saleem from I Am Thunder, so that I could finally give her the hug I’ve wanted to give her since I read her story. Assuming she’s a hug person. If not, I won’t attack her with a hug or anything: I’m not that weird.

6. Silyen from Gilded Cage, so that I can keep him safe from any possible death at the hands of his author before the end of the next book.

That’s me done! Who would you want to be stuck in a lift with? 


6 thoughts on “Six for Sunday: Characters You’d Like to Be Stuck in a Lift With

Add yours

  1. LOL Silyen. Excellent shout. I also chose Katie. We are good humans. I agree with you on the “be alone with 6 books thing” – maybe I’ll make that one of the prompts for later in the year haha!

    Thank you for your continued enthusiasm about #SixforSunday. Your joining in makes me very happy ❤ love you xx

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