Six for Sunday: Characters You’d Want to be Best Friends With


This week’s Six for Sunday hosted by the lovely Steph at A Little But A Lot is characters you’d want to be best friends with. This was quite a fun one to think through. Here are six of the characters I came up with:

1. Twylla from The Sin-Eater’s Daughter. Do you need to ask why I want to be friends with this girl? She is just perfect.

2. Audrey from It Only Happens in the Movies. Audrey is super-smart. She is caring and she knows how to look after herself. Everyone should have a friend like this in their life.

3. Harper from Girlhood. She manages to be an awesome friend to a terrible person in the face of some pretty nasty circumstances. She would be an amazing best friend.

4. Vivi from The Cruel Prince. She may have shunned all things Fae but I would love to have a fairy best friend who could make leaves look like money. We could have so much fun.

5. Sofia from Sofia Khan is Not Obliged. I just adored Sofia. She is clever, witty, sassy and I have the hugest reader crush on her.

6. Noah from Noah Can’t Even. He makes me laugh and I can’t imagine there would ever be a dull moment with Noah as your friend.

Which characters would you want to be friends with?


4 thoughts on “Six for Sunday: Characters You’d Want to be Best Friends With

Add yours

    God I would NOT want to be Noah’s friend. I think life would just be a disaster haha. He’d certainly be an entertaining friend.
    Thank you for joinng in with such enthusiasm! See you next week – same place, same time? S x


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