Coffee and… A Day Out With the Boy

Recently on Twitter, I asked if you’d like to see more content from me and the Boy, rather than just joint book reviews. A few people said they’d like to see us summarising our days out together, so today we’re going to share with you some details of our latest day trip.

coffee and...

The Coffee:

Today I am drinking La Chorrera a Columbian coffee from Square Mile roasters. It’s pretty tasty.

S is drinking not coffee, because he is lively enough without it thank you very much. Instead, he is enjoying a large glass of red juice which he has shoved Lego into. Because why wouldn’t you?

The Day:

Our best buddies days out were invented for S and I to have adventures whilst his dad was out at swimming galas. Often, we enjoy a trip to the cinema and a cheeky lunch out, but on this occasion, we went for lunch, took a trip to a local museum and then paid a visit to our favourite book shop.

My Thoughts:

I don’t know if you’ve ever visited a museum with a small child before, but if not it tends to involve them running around at 700 mph occasionally screaming at things before announcing no more than half-an-hour in that they have seen absolutely everything and have had quite enough of that, thank you. That’s pretty much exactly how this went. We had a brief tour of the animals (with him loudly announcing that he’d fed a real life giraffe actually and didn’t need to look at a dead one), a more detailed tour of the fossil / dinosaur section (where he was pretty interested in the giant T-Rex model and the Toy Story figure of Rex), and a brief tour of the Greek section (where we saw a vase similar to that in Here Comes Hercules – he was pretty impressed with this, and went into a tunnel with a video playing about the afterlife – which he pronounced “scary and rubbish”). After this, we went into the Planetarium where we watched the saddest story ever of a dinosaur … spoiler: they all die at the end.

His Thoughts:

(with my comments in the square brackets)

Should I make a PowerPoint present about it? [Err, not right now son]. We had a best buddies day out mum and me to the planetarium to see a film about sea monsters, a pre-historic adventure. I liked all the sea monsters and the big dinosaur on the beach going arrr rawr arrr arrrrrrr. Arrrrrrrrrrrrr. I was dressed up as Andy from Andy’s pre-historic adventures because we were going on a pre-historic adventure. We had an explore whilst we waited for the film. We saw an African elephant, a large giraffe and it’s head was sticking out of the box. I’ve fed a real giraffe so I wasn’t so much interested in the giraffe that was dead. And we saw a polar bear. Polar bears sneak up on their predators and go RARRRRRRR and scare them before they eat them. We saw sharks and then the dollyraptors on the film. My favourite part was when we saw a tiger [I’m not sure we did see a tiger, but he’s adamant he did so I’m going to let that stand]. We designed our own shield in the Greece section and we saw the vase from Hercules, but it was locked in a cupboard so that Hercules could not get out.

Then we went to Waterstones so that we could get books and go to the cafe.

And a good day was had by all.

Please let us know what you think! We’d be interested if you’d like to see more “and the Boy” posts featuring our days out, kid’s book hauls and anything else you fancy. Let us have your suggestions down in the comments!

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  1. Haha I love it!

    I was reliably informed by my grandma when I was about 3 (and still cute) I was confronted by a stuffed moose at our local museum and asked at the top of my voice What the hell is that?!

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