Six for Sunday: Characters I Wouldn’t Want to be Friends With (even though I love them)


This week, my pal Steph at A Little But A Lot has given us the prompt of characters you wouldn’t want to be friends with. This one was a really fun topic to think of. My only issue was narrowing my choices to six, so I added a little spin to the prompt by choosing six characters I LOVE but wouldn’t want to be friends with.

1. Silyen Jardine from Gilded Cage– I love him, but no. There is no way I could be friends with this guy. He switches sides so fast he makes my head spin. He’s witty, but he can’t be trusted, and I certainly wouldn’t want to get on his bad side (if I could work out which side that was).

2. Evie from Am I Normal Yet? – I adore Evie, I really do. However, as a person who has MH issues and emetophobia, I couldn’t be her friend. I would constantly be learning new avoidance strategies from her (just from reading the book I adopted her handwashing technique because HELLO it was clearly going to kill more germs than my own).

3. Calean Small from Ask No Questions – She is a truly wonderful character, but I couldn’t cope with her job, or her refusal to face her feelings. She seems to prefer being alone and doesn’t want to let people get close to her. I would worry myself sick about her every time she went off-grid.

4. Jude from The Cruel Prince – feisty, good with weapons, badass and headstrong. She sounds like she would be the perfect friend, but she also hides a lot from the people closest to her and I’m not entirely sure she wouldn’t (physically) stab me in the back when I wasn’t looking.

5. Hermione Granger from Harry Potter – I love her. She is one of my heroes. That said, in her presence I would dissolve into a puddle of fangirl and feel utterly bereft of brains. I couldn’t deal with being around someone THAT awesome all the time. Plus, she probably reads all the books she acquires and doesn’t have a giant TBR.

6. Ash from the Nevernight chronicles – Oh Ash. I love her. She is so devious and dark, handy with weapons and utterly ruthless. All traits I admire in characters, but as a friend? Oh dear gods no. I’d live in constant fear of her murdering all those I hold dear.

Are there any characters that you wouldn’t want to be friends with?

2 thoughts on “Six for Sunday: Characters I Wouldn’t Want to be Friends With (even though I love them)

Add yours

  1. I mean, I’m well suspicious of Silyen. I love him but I don’t yet know enough about him to fully trust him.
    I love that you have ones on your list that are like “I love them but my god being around them would exhaust me”, whereas I went with “you are a TERRIBLE PERSON I can’t be your friend”.

    Thank you for your continued #SixforSunday joining in! You are the best! S x


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