Review: Deception by Teri Terry

Deception picks up where its predecessor Contagion left off with the stories of Callie, Kai and Shay continuing to be told from their respective viewpoints. This again gives us a deep insight into their character and their motivations, and in some cases, the intentions of other characters. We learn a lot more about what exactly... Continue Reading →

Review: Contagion by Teri Terry

I knew that I was going to love Contagion the moment I started it. I’d been told it was dystopian, set partly in Newcastle, and it had fire in it. These are three of my favourite things, so I didn’t need to know much more. Contagion starts with a mystery: who is Subject 369X? What... Continue Reading →

Coffee and … My 2018 Bullet Journal

The Coffee: This week I'm drinking the Duromina, a fruity Ethiopian coffee from the lovely Steampunk Coffee Roasters, recently delivered to us by a very cold, snow-covered postman. The Journal: It's been a while since I shared anything about my bullet journal. For the little time I used it last year, I was still trying... Continue Reading →

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