Coffee and…May Releases I’m Looking Forward To

Time for one of my favourite Coffee and… posts of the month: books I’m looking forward to next month. It’s always nice for me to see in advance where all my money is going to disappear to <insert hollow laugh>

coffee and...

The Coffee:

This week I’m drinking Gicherori AB, a filter coffee from Maude Coffee Roasters and I’m drinking it in my grandad’s favourite mug (Emma Bridgewater Labradors)

The Books:

Skylarks by Karen Gregory – I’ve read a proof of this one which I was lucky enough to receive from Bloomsbury, so maybe it’s cheating to include this, but I’m really looking forward to the finished copy being out and everyone else reading it. It’s a wonderful novel with a female-female romance and tackles some really important issues like poverty and activism. Get a copy! You will love it.

My Box-Shaped Heart by Rachel Lucas – I have only recently discovered Rachel Lucas’s YA writing in the form of The State of Grace, and it is one of the most beautiful books I’ve ever read. I cannot wait to read My Box-Shaped Heart. Holly is picked on at school for standing out, she finds her escape in the swimming pool. Ed goes there to escape the women’s refuge he lives in with his mum. Obviously, they’re going to meet, and my bet is that’s going to be wonderful.

Leah on the Offbeat by Becky Albertalli – Leah is the best friend of Simon Spier. You might remember her from Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda. This is the story of her senior year, and first love. I’ll be the first to confess I haven’t yet read Simon vs. Yeah, I know. Shoot me now. As it happens I’ll be reading it very soon. I’ve seen the film though and I adored Leah. We all know the books are better than the films, so I’m guessing book Leah will be epic. I can’t wait to meet her.


White Rabbit Red Wolf by Tom Pollock – I first learned about this one when the lovely Hazel slipped a proof in my goody bag at the NYA Lit Festival. This is the story of a teen math prodigy with an anxiety disorder who finds himself caught up in trouble after an assassination attempt on his mother. I love stories that feature mental health. Less so math, but I’m prepared to let that slide in this case, because the rest sounds amazing!


The Truth of Different Skies by Kate Ling – Last year I grew really fond of space stories, and this one sounds perfect for me. Bea wants to leave Earth where everything has become dry and controlled. When a signal arrives from space and a mission is planned to find it. Bea spies her chance. She just hadn’t counted on falling in love first. This sounds like a heart-breakingly fabulous read.

We Are Young by Cat Clarke–  Cat Clarke writes amazing stories and I am never not going to be thrilled when a new one comes out. Evan’s step-brother Lewis is found unconscious after a car crash on their parents’ wedding night. The media go into overdrive, blaming drugs, but Evan doesn’t believe it. She and her father set out to discover the truth. Sounds gripping, and if it’s anything like Cat’s previous work it will be impossible to put down.

What books are you looking forward to next month? Are any of these on your list? 


One thought on “Coffee and…May Releases I’m Looking Forward To

Add yours

  1. I thought Cat’s book was later in the year… shall have to add it to my already too long list I want 😂
    Very excited for Leah on the Offbeat, and will be reading My Box Shaped Heart at some point though it’s not one at the very top of my list. One I’m incredibly excited for Kat Wolfe Investigate and I Was Born For This from my list 😊
    Amy xx


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