Six for Sunday: Favourite Reading Snacks

s4sWor Steph really loves to taunt us with the tricky prompts, eh? I’m not a big one for snacks when I’m reading, because I don’t like to get food between my pages, so this week’s six took a lot of thinking (and possibly a little bit of cheating).

1. Coffee – If I am reading at any time other than bedtime, I like to do so with a coffee in hand. I drink my coffee black (like my soul) and filtered (unlike my brain).

2. Gin – If I’m reading in the evening and it’s past my 7pm coffee cut off, then I quite like a gin and tonic. Bulldog, Hendricks or The Botanist with Fever Tree tonic and a slice of lemon by preference. I’ve recently acquired my grandad’s old gin-drinking glass (which, confusingly, is actually a whisky glass) especially for this purpose.

3. Sweets -my favourites are pick and mix style sweets, or haribo, or anything that tastes like fake fruit and doesn’t require me to put down my book to open fiddly wrappers.

4. Chocolate – As above. If I’m reading I don’t want things in wrappers, or big blocks I have to break to eat. Give to me chocolate buttons, or tiny Reeces Pieces, or Minstrels. Please and thank you.

5. Cake – this is one of my favourite things to eat ever, and it’s handy for soothing the soul whilst you read traumatising books. It’s not as easy to do one-handed as the others, but cake is always good.

6. Chips – I’m clutching at straws here and trying to think of things that are not sugary snacks or liquids. If I’m reading on a lunch break then I want something easy to eat one-handed so I can hold my book. Chips are ideal for this. Also, they’re chips. Who doesn’t like chips?

Do you snack whilst you read and if so, what do you snack on? Share with me your ideas because I am all for more food in my life. 


5 thoughts on “Six for Sunday: Favourite Reading Snacks

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  1. I love things that taste like fake fruit too e.g. pineapple goldbears which are DEVINE. Also a fan of chocolate (I break bars into pieces before eating) and chips, and one I like you don’t have down is crisps.
    Amy xx

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  2. I AM SO ON YOUR TEAM FOR SNACKING. (Also, yes, it was a hard one because I don’t snack either…!)
    Can we snack and read together plz? Sometime soon.

    Thank you as ever for joining in #SixforSunday! I love having you around! See you next week! S x

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