April in Books

month in books

I decided that April was going to be my month for attacking the arcs on my TBR. Not literally attacking them, I’m not that strange yet, although they’d probably disappear off my shelves faster if I did go at them with a crossbow. I did enjoy having a list to follow for reading. I didn’t always want to pick up the next book on my list, and there’s one book from my original list that I haven’t read yet, but at this point my giant mountain of a TBR is ridiculously intimidating so having a list to follow is helping me deal with that.

mount ted

This mountain of books gets bigger every month and honestly, it’s pretty terrifying. Last month I had 376 books. I’ve gained 23 books in April, and given that only 11 of these were ones I bought (physical books, audiobooks and subscription boxes), I don’t think I did too badlyThese can all be seen in my latest haul post.

What did I read? This month I have read 10 books: Skylarks, A Thousand Perfect Notes, Me Mam Me Dad Me, Clean, Genesis, The Leavers, Amazing Women (101 Lives to Inspire You), Dissent Renegades, The Wrong Man and The Sun is Also a Star.

challenge updates

Let me say now that I have done a dreadful job on challenges this month.

Where in the World? I haven’t read any new books towards this one so I’m still on 3 out of 6 books, but I’m still hopeful I can complete this one over the rest of the year.

Magic Square I slipped one book into this right at the end of last month, bringing my total to 15/25 for March. I’ve added one more this month: “An Award Winner” which was The Leavers by Lisa Ko. 9 books to go and 8 months to read them in. I’m quite happy with that.

Book Riot Read Harder I’ve still only read 5 of 24 books for this challenge. This challenge is a really tough one and I’m not reading many books that fit the categories. I’m not expecting to complete this one before the year is out, but I’m still interested to see how many I can manage.

Beat the Backlist I’ve ticked one more off this list, bringing my total so far to 6/40. This month I read The Sun is Also a Star, which has been on my shelf for longer than I care to admit to.

Netgalley Bronze I haven’t read any more for this this month, but I’m on 9/10 for this and I’m sure to finish soon. I’m thinking of expanding this to read more netgalley books as I’ve expanded my list a fair amount. Sigh.

How was your month? What are your bookish highlights this month?

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