Book Review: State of Sorrow by Melinda Salisbury

Hello. How do I even try to review this amazing book? I read this almost a month ago and I am still in the stage where my review is basically: words good, book beautiful, author clever, feelings broken, and I must staple this book to every human I see so they can be broken by... Continue Reading →

Coffee and…May Releases I’m Looking Forward To

Time for one of my favourite Coffee and... posts of the month: books I'm looking forward to next month. It's always nice for me to see in advance where all my money is going to disappear to <insert hollow laugh> The Coffee: This week I'm drinking Gicherori AB, a filter coffee from Maude Coffee Roasters... Continue Reading →

NYA Lit Fest – Part 2

Oh. My. What an event. It turns out that being a screaming fan-girl is hard work! Who knew? This was my first ever literature festival and I was completely star struck seeing some of my absolute favourites. Hazel and the team at UCLAN did an amazing job of putting this event together and I feel... Continue Reading →

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