Six for Sunday: Questions You Have For Authors


Steph , my lovely pal, has another great prompt for this week: questions you have for authors. I have so many questions for so many authors, but this week I’ll just be picking six that pop into my head.

1. Why do you love to hurt us? This could just be the authors that I love, but all my favourite books hurt me. Hard. I’d love to know why authors love doing this. I assume that it’s intentional.

2. Do you find it really hard to live in the real world whilst writing a fantasy one? I find it very difficult to adjust to the real world when reading a fantasy novel, and I’ve always wondered if authors feel the same.

3. What inspires your writing? I know that it’s such a cliched question, but I really do love to hear where authors get their inspiration from. I am not gifted with imagination, so hearing about others fills a void in me.

4. Which book, besides your own, do you wish you had written and why? Is that two questions? Is Steph going to tell me off? I just love to hear the answers to this question.

5. Would you survive in your character’s world? This one really only works if the world in question isn’t reality.

6. What do you do when you’re not reading or writing? Because I need a more varied life, and I’d like to steal your hobbies. Obviously.

That’s me for another week. I love these prompts! What questions would you like to ask authors?


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