Books With the Boy: Hattie Peck

Today the boy and I are bringing you our reviews of Hattie Peck by Emma Levey. We were sent a copy of this to review by the lovely Willow Tree Books.


The Book:

One day, Hattie left her cosy coop to go on an adventure to find all the abandoned eggs in the world. And find them she did! But what will happen when they hatch?

His Thoughts:

I absolutely liked this book.. It was about eggs eggs eggs. Hattie just wants loads of babies to look after but she can’t get her own eggs so she goes around collecting all of the lost eggs. My favourite bit was when all the babies hatch because Hattie gets lots of tiny babies. My favourite pictures were the beginning inside the covers with all the eggs and the picture at the end where Hattie has all of the babies. The page with the wave was very scary because I thought Hattie was going to be in trouble in the ocean. And I liked the blurb. I learnt about blurbs at school and it’s good because it tells you what the story might be about.


My Thoughts:

Hattie Peck is a lovely bedtime story about a hen who cannot hatch any eggs of her own so she goes around collecting all the lost and abandoned eggs and hatches a giant family. the family is very diverse with lots of different animals coming from the hatched eggs. It gave us the opportunity to talk about people who cannot have children of their own and children who are raised by parents who didn’t give birth to them. Hattie Peck is a beautifully illustrated picture book. I loved that the words were in different fonts on the page and in different shapes. Highly recommended as a lovely bedtime story.


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