Six for Sunday: Questions You Have For Publishers


Ha ha ha ha ha, Steph , what the actual? I did not even realise I had questions for publishers, let alone six of them! Honestly, this week’s prompt has sent me spiralling into despair wailing “I thought this would be easy”. So, from the depths of said despair, here are six questions I have for publishers.

1. How did you get into publishing? Yes, I’m sure this is a really boring question and one that publishers get asked all the time but shhhhh. I am always fascinated by this. In another life, I’d have loved to work in publishing. I just really don’t want to live in London: I’m a northern bird.

2. Why do publishers change covers mid way through a series? Is it to deliberately upset my book shelves? Seriously. Everyone I know hates this. I cannot understand it.

3. How does the job you do fit into the publishing process? Again, I’m fascinated by publishing and how many different publishing jobs there seem to be.

4. Of all the books you’ve been involved in publishing, which is your favourite and why? This is my ‘let’s ask the publisher a nice question which is not boring’ so that they like me question.

5. What book published by a different publisher is your favourite and why? Because I am nosy and struggling to think of questions here.

6. Why are nearly all the publishers based in Narnia (aka London)? See the aforementioned living up North.

What six questions would you ask publishers? 


6 thoughts on “Six for Sunday: Questions You Have For Publishers

Add yours

  1. The best questions I can think of for people in publishing are: why on earth do you send me books, what is my life?? And which book from a different publisher would you most like to have edited/been publicist for etc!
    Amy x

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