Coffee and… My May Bullet Journal

Hello again! I’m back with another BuJo post. Join me in a coffee whilst I show off May’s spreads? I’m really pleased with my pages this month.

coffee and...

The Coffee:

This week, I’m drinking the rare and utterly divine Finca Hartmann from Panama. This one is roasted by Clifton Coffee.

The Journal:

First up, I have my May page, with the same writing style as I’ve used since January, and a flower sketch. Spring flowers are some of my favourites and I love seeing all the buds coming out and colour returning after winter, so it seemed an appropriate theme. Second is my new staple page, the month at a glance. I’m finding this page far more helpful than I initially thought I would. I’ve gone for a slightly brighter colour scheme with pink, blue, yellow and green for May’s pages.


Next up is my trusty to do list. I’ve gone back to the boxes with the little tick box because I far preferred this to April’s list. I’ve also gone for a different approach with the colour and had space for a little sketched flower at the side. Most of my pages have little sketched flowers on this month, and I love them! After that is this month’s chore tracker. I have been an utter disaster with chores in April (I’ve been suffering almost constant migraines as well as travelling a lot), so I have simplified it a little bit for May (I’m not including my usual spring clean a whole room for a start!) but it’s still broadly the same layout. What can I say? It works for me!


Up next are my health and self care trackers. These really help me to keep track of how much I’m actually doing the things that I should be doing to keep my mental and physical health on track. Often, when I’m feeling under the weather or in a foul mood, I can look at these trackers and see exactly why. I wasn’t too sure how well the sleep tracker was working for me in April, because I was terrible at filling it in, so this month I’ve used some extra space at the bottom of my trackers to do a smaller sleep tracker, and I really love how these pages have turned out.


Following that are two completely new pages: headaches and skincare. I needed a way to track my headache symptoms. I’ve been having migraine type headaches for a long time now and the GP is trying me on some new meds before a possible neurology referral. Having somewhere to track the specific types and locations of pain as well as other symptoms I’m getting will be really useful when I go back to the GP. I don’t think this will become a staple page (or I hope it won’t) but it’s needed this month. The skincare page is to help me get a grip of my new skincare regime using products from The Ordinary which all my faves are raving about on Twitter. The lovely Mel Salisbury helped put this regime together (because the science was baffling me) and I’m determined to follow it in the hope of achieving a marginally less corpse-like complexion.


Next is my books page. I’ve simplified it this time around. April’s was very artistic but it didn’t really work all that well in practice. I’m also hoping having a much smaller space on my “bought” shelf will encourage me to buy fewer books whilst reading some of the ones I already have.

Lastly I have my weekly spread and memories pages. I do really like having a small space to write in each day and it’s nice to look back on the previous months too, but I haven’t yet found a layout I love so far. I’m hoping this will be the one. For the memories page, I’ve continues the floral theme and gone with two giant flowers, and I plan to write the memories in the petals. Hopefully there’s enough space there!

That’s my May bullet journal layouts. What do you think? Do you bullet journal? 


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