Six for Sunday: Questions You Have for Your Favourite Character


Steph Man, this is not even funny. Why are you hurting me? First I have to choose a favourite character and then think of questions? This is worse than Sophie’s Choice. Probably. Okay. I can do this. I’m going to choose one of my favourite characters: Silyen Jardine from the Vic James books.

1. Are you nice or evil? You are giving me many conflicting feelings and I would like to know if I love or hate you so that I can resolve this trauma before the next book comes out, then I can read it with less angst.

2. Which brother is your favourite? Because I have some mixed feelings about your siblings and I’d really like to hear your thoughts.

3. If you had to do 10 years of slave days, where would you want to do them and why? I thought whilst reading that I’d most like to do them in your house, but having made it through Gilded Cage and Tarnished City, I am reassessing my choices.

4. Would you choose to do your slave days in your youth or put them off as long as possible? I am torn on what I would do in that situation and I am curious to see what someone in your position would do?

5. What is your deal with the dog man? There is clearly something there that I am missing and I need to know all of the things.

6. How would you like readers to remember your character? I came away from both books feeling very confused about who you are and what the hell you are playing at, and I’d like to know if that was your intention.

Who is your favourite character? What would you ask them?



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