Book Review: Gangster School by Kate Wiseman

I don’t usually read a lot of Middle Grade books, unless I’m reading with my son, but this month I’ve read a fair few just for my own enjoyment. Gangster School by Kate Wiseman was one of these books.

Gangster School is a fun read about a school that is the complete opposite of actual school. Blaggards school is a school that teaches its pupils lessons like Thievery and Deception, and I think this is something the target audience will really love. I know that my own son will be all over reading this in a year or so.

The two main characters are Milly (a loud, confident and really smart girl) and Charlie (a boy who is quiet, shy and doesn’t really seem like he belongs). I enjoyed seeing Milly take Charlie under her wing and looking out for him. They have a wonderful friendship that developed over the story and this was one of my favourite things in Gangster School.

I also loved how Kate seamlessly wove social media into the story in the form of Crimbook, where the trainee criminals would share details of their crimes and try to out-do each other.

The story centres around Charlie and Milly’s first term at Blaggards school, and a mystery involving the revered criminal Badpenny and a plot to bring down the school. Charlie and Milly are the most unlikely due to save the school. Will they do it? I’m not telling you the ending. I will tell you that their story is a fun one and well worth reading, especially if you have a young child to read with.


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