Book Review: Amazing Women 101 Lives to Inspire You by Lucy Beevor and Sarah Green

Amazing Women is a book of 101 stories spotlighting inspirational women. The stories are split into sections for : inspiration, trail blazer, campaigner, leader, pioneer, creator, activist, virtuoso and young talent. There is also a section recommending other books about amazing women, creations by women featured in the book (books, albums and films), and a number of websites you can use to find out more about the featured women.


Each section contains stories of women who are inspirational in that area along with a short piece about them. It is a colourful book with an illustration for each of the women, and many of the pieces also contain quotes from those featured, which was a lovely added touch.

There are many familiar faces in this book. Some, such as Queen Elizabeth II, Emmeline Pankhurst and Rosa Parks, you might expect to see in a book praising amazing women from history.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a large number of current day women included in this book, including some of my own favourites: Serena Williams, Judi Dench, Michelle Obama and Ellen de Generes. I loved that there was a section for young influencers, and to see that this included Malala Yousafzai for her inspirational activism. I think it is important for people reading books like this to see that the younger generations can make just as much of an impact as adults. I think including familiar, current day face helps to make the collection as a whole more accessible, particularly for younger readers. There will be someone in there that everyone recognises.

There were also a lot of women that I personally have never heard of before. Some of the stories that interested me most were those of Tu Youyou (a pharmeceutical chemist and educator), Zaha Hadid (an architect), Tavi Gevinson (a young writer, editor and actor), and Edith Cavell (a nurse who helped soldiers escape during WW1), and their stories in this collection have encouraged me to seek out more information about these women.

I loved that there was so much diversity in this book, from their background, to the type of role they have and the reasons why we could consider them inspirational. This is a lovely collection of stories that would make a wonderful addition to any book case.

Many thanks to Stripes publishing for the review copy.

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