Books With The Boy: Muddle the Magic Puppy

Welcome to another edition of Books with the Boy. I know you all love these more than my regular posts! This time S and I are reviewing Muddle the Magic Puppy by Hayley Daze and kindly sent to us by Willow Tree Books.


About the Book:

Muddle the puppy is magic, but he’s also a little bit naughty! Emerging readers will laugh along to the humorous stories featuring best friends, Ruby and Harry, and build their reading confidence at the same time. In The Magic Carpet Muddle jumps into a magical puddle and takes Ruby and Harry on an amazing adventure to Arabia! They need teamwork and a lot of puppy magic to help a young boy win a magic carpet race. Luckily, Muddle, Harry and Ruby make a great team!

His Thoughts:

I liked when they jumped into a magic puddle and then they mysteriously vanished. Away. Then I liked when they won the magic carpet race [I promise I am trying to get him to review without plot spoilers, but he is only 6]. Muddle is my favourite because he’s a dog just like Dexter who is my dog. I didn’t like when Muddle went away because there weren’t any puddles and that made me a bit sad. I did not like the genie because he was a bit mean. I would like to read some more books about Muddle if he comes back in a rain puddle.

My Thoughts:

This was a fun read about a cheeky puppy called Muddle and his hilarious adventures with Ruby and Henry. S and I loved reading about an adventure to Arabia. S has been really interested in stories featuring magic carpets and genies since starting to watch Jamillah and Aladdin on the TV. It is a perfect adventure story for the target audience and S and I are looking forward to further adventures with Muddle.



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