Six for Sunday: Questions People Always Ask You


Another Sunday another #SixforSunday brought to us by the lovely Steph. This week it’s questions people always ask you. I’ve decided to give you some bonus content and provide the answers too. You are so welcome, don’t even give it a second thought.

1. How do you spell Charlotte? This one seems a tad silly written down, but I get asked it a lot in real life. I’ve had some seriously wacky spellings including: Charlot, Charolette,  Chalet, and Shallot. I also once got asked where I put the z. I replied “If you’re putting a z in my name, you can put it wherever you like”.

2. Why do you read so much? Lol. Because I like books, I like reading and I like not speaking to people.

3. What job do you do? I’m an IT Trainer. I teach people to use their computers, with varying success. No, this does not mean I know all the things about all the computers. I do not know what your computer is doing or why. Have you tried switching it off and back on again?

4. Don’t you get bored working at home? No. Never. I love working on my own in my own house with all my creature comforts around me. I can have a proper coffee whenever I want, I can listen to whatever I want in the background, my house is comfy and it is wonderfully bereft of people during the day.

5. Why do you drink so much coffee? Because I am a permanently exhausted lukewarm corpse and I cannot function without it. I also believe in fairy stories and the power of magic beans to bring me back to life.

6. What is your obsession with fire? It’s fire. It’s warm, it cackles, it burns things. It lights my Pet Flames. It’s so pretty to look at.

What questions do people always ask you? Do you have any questions to ask me? Let me know in the comments, I’d be happy to answer them. 


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