Coffee and … My June Bullet Journal

Today my coffee and I are sitting down to show off this month’s BuJo pages. Honestly? I think these might be my favourite pages yet.

coffee and...

The Coffee:

This week I am drinking Burtukaana, an Ethiopian coffee from Clifton, and I am drinking it in my Wicked mug.

The Bullet Journal:


This month’s opening page is one I re-did a number of times because I just wasn’t feeling the doodling this month. I settled on this teacup with little hearts, which was inspired by something I saw on Pinterest. I settled on a rainbow colour scheme, so rather than just a splash of one colour in the picture (as I’ve done in previous months), I had one heart in each rainbow colour and I am in love with it.



As usual, my next pages are my month at a glance and to-do list, which I managed to photograph before writing on for the first time ever! These are both in the same format as usual but this time I’ve gone for adding the colour vertically rather than horizontally, and it is probably my favourite colour scheme I’ve done. I’ve also kept to the same teacup and heart doodle throughout all the pages, because I just loved it.


Next up are my tracker pages. Chores has stayed the same, and I’m really hoping this month I’ll get on top of these and start forming some respectable cleaning habits. After that are my health and symptoms, self-care and sleep trackers. I’ve merged the health and symptoms this time because I no longer need to track the full range of my head pain symptoms, but I do need to track some and also see if there are any triggers, so having these alongside habits like exercise, water and caffeine should help with that. One of the things I most love about bullet journalling is how I can adapt it to suit my changing needs each month. Self-care is broadly the same, but this month I have added a spot for blogging so I can track how much I time I am spending on this hobby. I’ve added the sleep-tracker underneath again (using little hearts this time) because this smaller tracker worked really well for me in May.


Then I have my books spread. I’m keeping it simple this month with rainbow shelves. Rather than one shelf for each type of book (proof, bought, borrowed etc) I’ve gone with three shelves of mixed books and a key which I will colour the spines in to track where they came from.


Finally, I have my weekly spread for keeping notes about my days, which I’ve kept really simple and added the rainbow colour. I do love having the space to reflect on each day in my journal and I’m hoping this will be something I enjoy looking back on. My last page of the month is my memories page. I’ve loved keeping these the last couple of months and I really like the way this page has turned out. I’m looking forward to filling it in.

Let me know what you think of my efforts this month, and if you blog about your bullet journalling please leave your links below – I LOVE reading other peoples’ BuJo posts.


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