Books with the Boy: Cat and Dog by Helen Oswald, illustrated by Zoe Waring



About the Book:

Cat slept in the day. Dog slept at night. But every evening they met for their daily fight. After their biggest argument ever, Cat and Dog decide to come out at different times. And guess what…they miss each other! A heartwarming tale about an unlikely friendship and learning to accept others, even when they are different from you.

His Thoughts:

I liked about Cat and Dog when they became friends again and they started to play fight together. I did not like the argument because it was quite a big argument. If I do falling out with my friends like cat and dog did in the book then I would just whisper to them that I want to be friends again.

My Thoughts:

The illustrations in this book were lovely, and we really enjoyed looking at these as well as reading the story. I thought this was a fun read about the differences between cat and dog and how they settled their disputes. Pictures books are not really aimed at S’s age group, but we still enjoy them and this one gave S and I a starting point to talk about what happens when we disagree with our friends, and how it is important to be prepared to compromise because friendship is more important than getting your own way all of the time.

Thanks to Willow Tree Books for the review copy. This does not affect our views. 


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