Books with the Boy: Prince George Goes to School by Caryl Hart and Laura Ellen Anderson


Today, the boy and I are sharing our thoughts on Prince George Goes to School by Caryl Hart, illustrated by Laura Ellen Anderson.


About the Book:

Prince George is starting school in this brilliantly funny, reassuring picture book from award-winning author Caryl Hart and bestselling illustrator Laura Ellen Anderson.

It’s Prince George’s first day at school! There will be new faces, new friends, lots of new things to learn … as well as new challenges, like taking turns. Will the young royal enjoy his latest epic adventure?!

This hilarious, fun-packed royal story is the perfect book to reassure your own little prince or princess that starting school doesn’t have to be scary.

His Thoughts:

I like that his mother and father are the King and Queen and that George goes to school dressed like a knight in a big suit. I didn’t like when Prince George let out a tantrum though because he was shouting and it is not good to do tantrums. This is a cool story about going to school and I think I would have been excited to read it when I was thinking about going to school. I wish I could have gone to school dressed like George. I will give this one a bazillion stars.

My Thoughts:

Prince George Goes to School was a really fun read for S and I. I loved the illustrations in the book, especially Prince George atop his wooden steed. The story tackled a lot of reasons why someone might be nervous starting school, and learning to fit in with new people, as well as learning to share and taking turns. It would be great starting point for talking to a child about going to school for the first time. If this had been around when S was starting school two years ago, then I’d definitely have bought it for him. I’d highly recommend it to parents with children starting school in the near future.

Thanks for joining us for another Books with the Boy, let us know what you think of this book or anything you’d like to see more of in the comments.

Thanks to Orchard Books (Hachette Children’s Group) for the review copy. This does not affect our opinions.¬†

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