Floored Blog Tour: Launch Party Drinks by Joe

Hi everyone. Joe here. I’m organising the drinks for the party on Sunday. I wanted to do something different, something more than just buying crates of beer and bottles of wine. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s just… these five are special to me now. We’ve come a long way from the We Should Have Taken the Stairs days, and I wanted to celebrate a little of what makes each of them unique. So, I’ve made a different drink for each of them. I hope they think it’s a nice touch and not a lame idea. Here’s what I’m making:


Mermaid Lemonade


1 shot of Midori liqeur

2 shots of Blue WKD


Sasha is such a fun friend. She’s had a lot going on for her lately, but she’s always really bright, and there for the rest of us. This fun, sparkly turquoise drink seemed perfect for her. I didn’t have any mermaid toys knocking around the house (strange that), but I did get my hands on some flying My Little Pony toys to decorate the glasses. I’m sure Sasha won’t mind that they aren’t a perfect match.


Charred Lemon, Rosemary and Cardamom Gin and Tonic


1 shot of Alkkemist Gin

Fever Tree Tonic water

1 slice of charred lemon

1 sprig of rosemary

5 gently crushed cardamom pods

Look, this is Hugo’s drink. He’s bound to have strong opinions on gin and I didn’t want to risk getting a cheap or locally brewed one and incurring his wrath. This gin is so pretentious as to claim to only be “distilled by the light of the full moon”, so it should be exclusive enough even for Hugo’s taste. And the garnishes aren’t what you’d get in your average pub gin, so I think this is going to be a winner for our trendy friend and his sophisticated palette.


Champagne with a floating rose


1 small, pale pink rose


I think everyone knows how I feel about Velvet. I wanted her drink to be simple, but special. I’m choosing the champagne which my parents had at their wedding, but Velvet doesn’t need to know that story. It might be a bit much. Champagne on it’s own doesn’t look that exciting though, so I’ve added the pale pink rose, which fits inside the champagne flute perfectly and floats on the top. I hope Velvet likes it.


Bourbon Tom Collins


1 tbsp lemon juice

1 tsp sugar

1 shot bourbon

Sparkling water

a frozen cherry

Dawson is a tricky guy to make a drink for. I decided to use Bourbon. It went through a stage of being really trendy and popular a few years ago, before fading into the background. A little like Dawson’s fame. He’s always down about his childhood stardom fading and people thinking he’s nothing now, but like the bourbon he’s still great to have around and the people that matter appreciate him for who he is. And I put a cherry on top, because Dawson deserves that. Is that a bit much?


Pineapple Margarita


1/2 shot orange liqeur

1 shot rum

1 shot tequila

pineapple juice


flowers to garnish

I wanted to make Kaitlyn something with a strong flavour that smelled nice. I hope she won’t think I’m doing that just because…well, you know. Anyway this is a really great tasting pineapple cocktail. The salt around the glass rim will add some extra texture and I couldn’t help adding a bright flower too. Kaitlyn’s really into her flowers and this one seems perfect for her. I’m sure it’s the same type of daisy flower thing that Kaitlyn sent to Sasha that time, but if it’s not, it’s still a great flower.


Baileys in Toasted Marshmallow Shot Cups


It’s not easy making a drink to represent yourself. Mine is the least flashy and photogenic of all the drinks today, which seems appropriate for me. I wanted to make something that would be fun for everyone to share, so I picked these. Ivy and I treid to make them once. They were really hard to pull off, but so much fun. Toasted marshmallow “shot” cups with Baileys. Or, whatever anyone wants to drink out of them. As long as they’re enjoying themselves.


J&B Scotch Whisky and water


Generous amount of J & B Whisky

A small splash of water

I have no idea what Steven drank; I didn’t know the guy. But, it wouldn’t be right not to include him somehow in the event would it? Without him, we wouldn’t know each other enough to be meeting up for parties. He’s the reason we’re all friends. So I’m using this whisky which my granddad drank, in one of grandad’s glasses to toast Steven at the party.

And that’s me and the drinks sorted. All that’s left to do is pack them in the bright pink family cool bag and get them to the party in one piece. Wish me luck. I can’t wait for tomorrow. Why don’t you join us?

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