July in Books

month in books

I ended June with 305 books on Mount Ted the TBR, which for me is pretty restrained. I still live in hope that I’ll get this to a nice low number (maybe even double figures) at some point.

mount ted

I read 8 books this month: False Hearts, Brightstorm, A Bad Boy Stole My Bra, I Was Born For This, Shattered Minds, To Kill a Kingdom, Noah Can’t Even and The Surface Breaks.

I added 33 books this month. I KNOW IT’S RIDICULOUS. 11 of them were books I was given, or proofs, if that makes this haul any more palatable. All are included in my latest haul post. I’m not including anything YALC related, partly because I am writing this before YALC, and partly as that will be part of a separate post-YALC blog post. The next couple of months, I really have to cut back on my book buying. For real. Partly for dull real life / financial reasons, but also because this TBR is getting ridiculous. I’m never going to say I’m going on a ban, but I’ll definitely be making a conscious effort to buy fewer books for a while.

challenge updates

Where in the World? I’m still on 5/6 for this one. I need to work harder at finding an author from South America or Antarctica to read for this. I blame UKYA for being so full of amazing books.

Magic Square 21/25. I haven’t added to this in July either. The topics I have left to tick off are those I’m probably least interested in: a classic, a banned book, a biography and a group monthly read. Sadly, the group monthly reads have generally been ones I’ve already read or that really don’t appeal to me.

Book Riot Read HarderThis month, I read False Hearts which ticks off my ‘Sci-Fi with a female main character by a female writer’, and Shattered Minds by the same author for my ‘mystery by a POC or LGBT author’, bringing my total for this challenge to 9 / 24.

Beat the BacklistJune saw me tick off another 3 books for Beat the Backlist. I read: False Hearts, Shattered Minds, Solitaire, and The Surface Breaks.

Netgalley Crackdown – This month I’ve ticked off To Kill a Kingdom from my Netgalley list, but gained Vox. So it’s probably best I say no more about this topic.

How was your month? What are your bookish highlights this month?

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