August in Books

August has been another great bookish month. Let's face it, every month is a good book month. I ended July with two massive hauls and 336 books on Mount Ted TBR. I read 20 books this month: This Savage Song, Spare and Found Parts, The Mermaid, The Belles, Rebel of the Sands, Traitor to the... Continue Reading →

August Happy Things

Writing about little moments of happiness is something that I used to do regularly when I first started blogging. I stopped because I was trying to write paragraphs of text about the little things that made me happy and it just wasn't working. Then, like most new bloggers, I became fixated with views and comments... Continue Reading →

The Bank Holiday Book Tag

It's Monday, it's a Bank Holiday and my lovely friend and blogger Cora from Tea Party Princess had just the tag for me to do for today: The Bank Holiday Book Tag!  All credit goes to Cora for the super-cute graphic too! Have a lie in. Which book could you lounge in bed with all morning? I... Continue Reading →

Mini Reviews: Fantasy Reads

Hello! I've decided to start doing a "Mini Reviews" feature for a selection of the books I read. I read more books each month than I can feasibly write and post full reviews of, and this seemed like a good alternative. I'm aiming for each review to be under 200 words and for the books... Continue Reading →

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