Six for Sunday: Authors You’ll Always Pick Up


There are are so many authors I could pick for Steph’s prompt this week. I could have made several #SixforSunday posts to answer this question.

1. Melinda Salisbury. The Sin Eater’s Daughter trilogy and State of Sorrow rank highly amongst my favourite books of ever. Mel could publish a book of her grocery lists and I would read it.

2. Alice Broadway. Ink and Spark are so unique and wonderful. I love the stories within the stories and the fact that they inspire me to want all of the tattoos. There is a pretty good chance my next ink will be inspired by these books.

3. Sara Barnard. A Quiet Kind of Thunder is the book that kept me up until 2am with a bursting bladder because it was so good I could not put it down for even the few minutes a bathroom break would take. Goodbye, Perfect had me saying “not until mummy is done reading” to my child asking “is it time for food yet? I’m staaaaarving.” I will always buy Sara’s books.

4. Akemi Dawn Bowman. There is something so special about a book that you recognise yourself or your situation in. Starfish gave me the answers to a lot of questions and shined a light on something I had experienced my whole life but never realised was a thing. Akemi’s books will forever have a special place in my heart.

5. Holly Bourne. Holly is so clever. All her books are spot on, make you think and are so clever you can’t fail to love them. It Only Happened in the Movies hooked me. Consequently I am on a mission to read all the things Holly has written.

6. Samantha Shannon. Samantha broke my heart with The Mime Order. And The Bone Season series has many books left. Her books are so intricately planned out and so perfect. They will rip my dark-heart into pieces, but I will still read them all. Over and over again.

6.2 Shut up. I can do a second part six if I want to. This one has to go to Laura Steven, whose book The Exact Opposite of Okay is the only book ever that I’ve read and instantly got on audio so I could experience it all over again. Such perfection. I cannot wait for the follow-up.

Which authors make it onto your instant read list? 



6 thoughts on “Six for Sunday: Authors You’ll Always Pick Up

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  1. Why do I feel emotional when I read your list??
    Probably because I love these authors too. I really need to read Starfish, don’t I?
    I’d actually quite like to read a book of Mel’s grocery lists – they would probably be very intriguing!

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